Vanasthalipuram Double Bedroom House Scheme: Today TRS Government started distributing 2BHK houses in Hyderabad as part of double bed room scheme. It is inaugurated by IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao.

Beneficiaries of double bed room houses of Vanasthalipuram are very happy to get benefit of it. This is a dream of every poor people who do not have a own house.


2 Acres Area for 324 Double Bedroom Houses

The Telangana government has built 324 double bed room houses in 2 Acres land. 188 poor families were stayed in huts in this area. The Government convinced all these 188 families to vacate this land to built double bedroom houses in Vanasthalipuram.

These houses planned as 3 Blocks each 9 floors

188 Double Bed Rooms Allotted Already

Today Mr KTR started double bedroom houses distribution proggramme. As of now, Govt allotted 188 houses to people who already were stayed at this land in huts.

Means, the people who vacated the land now got benefit of this.

136 Double BedRoom Houses Yet To Allotted

 Remaining 136 houses to be allotted as per the Govt rules and conditions. They will select beneficiaries and allot houses as per govt guidelines. Offcourse it is for the people of Vanasthalipuram constituency, but filtration process to be done.

It is a great mission by the Telangana Government.

Congratulations to all beneficiaries and All the best to Vanasthalipuram double bedroom houses aspirants. 
Good News. Today I am going to share you about new website launch called Digital Telangana

Many people really do not know how to avail benefits at your home. Always rush to Government offices physically. 

DigitalTelangana.Org is providing knowledge on all digital services going on Telangana State.

What is DigitalTelangana.Org?


It is a digital platform created for Telangana people who try to avail benefits online. Offline system almost gone. The Telangana government is supporting Digital Telangana programme.

The Telangana government taking initiation to build mobile applications to easy access the state people.

Official websites for respective programme.

Few Examples

Telangana land records - Dharani Portal
All types of services - Meeseva
Govt schemes - Specific web portals
Mobile Apps - Such as T App Folio, RTA Wallet etc

Digital Telangana website provides a details knowledge on all the services in Telangana step by step guide.


DigitalTelangana.Org is only one stop knowledge park for online services in Telangana
The latest news from all meeseva centers in Telangana, They are accepting applications for double bedroom scheme we call generally 2BHK housing scheme. 

It might be the reason, In few days GHMC elections ahead in Hyderabad. What ever the reason, Everybody who wants to apply at meeseva centers can go and provide all the documents and take online receipt for the same.

Documents Required (2BHK Apply)

1. 2BHK Application (Duly filled)
2. Aadhar Copy
3. Food Security Card Copy
4. Voter ID Copy
5. Income Certificate Copy
6. Caste Certificate Copy
7. Bank Passbook Copy
8. One passport size photo

Meeseva Online Receipt - Telangana 2BHK Scheme

Once you provide all the documents to meeseva center, they will fill application online and provide you an acknowledgement e.i. application receipt

Submit 2BHK application at Tahasildar Office

Take that receipt from meeseva.

Next, you have to rush to your Mandal Tahasildar office to submit your application. 

Take snap shot of the application receipt. So that you can track your 2BHK application online.

Do apply now.

Today, Great news to Jadcherla poor people to avail 2BHK housing scheme. 

The Government started work for 8 double bedroom houses at near by Madhav Rao Compound, Badepally city, Mahbubnagar district. the cost for these 8 2bhk houses will be 40 lakhs.

Also, As you know that, Already 480 double bedroom houses near "District Police Training Centre" inauguration done with cost of 26 crore rupees. 

The MLA, Dr Laxma Reddy said, 1500 more double bedroom houses are being constructed in Jadcherla. Those are in final stage to complete. The 2bhk houses will be given to eligible poor people. 


  • 1500 double bedroom houses under process in Jadcherla city
  • Bhoomi pooja for 480 2bhk houses under process near by District Police Training Centre
  • 8 houses distributing to eligible beneficiaries 

The Telanagana Chief Minister Mr K ChandraShekhar Rao launched KCR Kit or Amma Vodi scheme for Pregnant women. This scheme provides financial assistance to poor pregnant women.

As part of this scheme the pregnant women can utilize for maximum to deliveries. But she should give birth at any Government hospital. Then only she can avail this KCR Scheme or Amma Vodi benefit.


KCR Kit - Amma Vodi Scheme Objectives

Why Amma Vodi Pathakam started. It is Government decision to protect health of pregnant women and new born baby

  • Provide quality health care products during the pregnancy and post delivery too.
  • Promote Government hospitals
  • New born baby healthy
  • Reduce Maternal Morality rate and Infant morality rate

Amma Vodi Pathakam Benefits

KCR Kit scheme provides a free transport facilities in an ambulance. The vehicle will pick up as well as drop at home after health check up.

Many good health products are giving to Mother and new born baby.

Items under KCR Kit 

  • Special Mother and Child care soap
  • Newborn Baby bed, Baby Oil
  • Baby mosquitoes net
  • Sarees for Mother
  • Hand Bags
  • Towel and Napkins
  • Dresses for Baby
  • Baby Powder
  • Diapers
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Kid Toys

KCR Kit-Amma Vodi Amount

The Telangana Government is providing financial assistance to the pregnant women and new born baby. 

The amount is 12000 if you gave birth to baby boy and 13000 if you gave birth to baby girl.

You will receive the amount in 4 installments.

HTML Table Header
Time Amount
1st Installment 3000/-
2nd Installment 5000/- for female child; 4000/- for male child
3rd Installment 2000/-
4th Installment 3000/-

Eligibility Criteria

  • Women should be from Telangana State Only
  • Women should give birth at Government hospital only
  • First and Second delivery only
  • Should have a valid Aadhar card

KCR Kit Scheme - Amma Vodi Registration

  • Women can register at nearest Primary Health Centre, Government Hospital or through the ASHA Workers by providing details to them
  • Data Entry Operator or ANM will register your application by taking all the information from you such as Aadhar Number, Name, Age, Address, Contact details, LMP date, Bank Account etc
Final Words

KCR Kit is a really very good scheme by Telangana Government. Many poor women are availing benefit.

We hope you understood complete details about Telangana Amma Vodi Pathakam such as KCR Kit Scheme eligibility, benefits, amount, registration etc