Friday, December 25, 2015

Centre approves Rs. 678 crore aid for Telangana housing scheme

Finally Center approved Rs 678 cr assistance to the Telangana Housing Scheme
The central government has approved an assistance of Rs 678 crore for 73 projects to build houses in Telangana for people belonging to economically weaker section, Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said.
"Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation today sanctioned 73 projects involving 45,217 houses for economically weaker sections in 19 cities and towns in Telangana under the Prime Minister's Awas Yojana (urban) with a total central assistance of Rs 678 crore," Labour Ministry

The Telangana government has proposed allocating 45,217 houses for urban poor in 27 cities involving 73 projects with a total cost of Rs 3,716.40 crore. The Telangana State Housing Corporation is to take up the projects for 2 bedroom houses along with development of basic infrastructure. Out of 73 projects, 52 belong to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and 21 projects to 18 urban local bodies (ULBs).

Of the sanctions, as many as 29,531 houses are to be build in Hyderabad
  • Karimnagar (1038)
  • Janagoan (800)
  • Zaheerbad (400)
  • Bodhan (231)
  • Nagerkurnool (250)
  • Medak (2353)
  • Palvancha (1903)
  • Vikarabad (291)
  • Wanaparthy (592)
  • Nalgona (405)
  • Siricilla (680)
  • Acchampet (500)
  • Metpally (1250)
  • Mahaboobbad (800)
  • Nirmal (500)
  • Armoor (500)
Labour Minister Bandaru Dattareya also urged Venkaiah Naidu consider 31 more cities /ULBs under Housing for all Missions of the Prime Minister, to which the latter responded positively.   

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Amended GO for Double Bed Room Scheme Telangangana

As already we know that Government Passed GO (Government Order) for guidelines regarding double bed room (2BHK) Scheme. Now it is amended with GO no G.O.MS No. 12 dated 26/11/2015.

According to above GO read the following

  1. G.O MS No 10 Housing  (RH&C A1) Department dt 15.10.2015
  2. From the Managing Director, Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited Hyderabad, Lr No L1/3561/THSCL/2015 dt 24.11.2015
  3. G.O.Ms No 8 Housing (RH&C-A1) Department dt 26.9.2015
  4. PIL NO 343 of 2015 of Hon'ble High Court of Judicature of the Hyderabad for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


In the GO 1 st read above, orders were outlining the Government policy for implementation of the "Two Bed Room Housing Proggramme" in a phased manner by the District Collectors and Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation.

In the Letter 2nd read above, the MD TSHCL have requested for issuing necessary amendment for para II of G.O Ist read above regarding operational guidelines issued on selection of beneficiaries to implement the said Programme.

Government after careful examination  hereby issuing the following amendment to the orders issued in the G.O MS No 10, Housing  (RH&C-A1) department, dt 15.10.2015, subject to final orders of the Hon'ble High Court in the case cited under reference 4th read above.

All the District Collectors / Commissioner, GHMC shall take necessary action accordingly.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Double Bedroom Scheme for Urban Middle Class People

Good News for Urban Middle Class People

We know that recently Telangana Government successful completed  and launched double bedroom houses for weaker section at IDH Colony secunderabad. Telangana Govt winning appreciation from this section.

Now T-Govt focusing on improving the living condition of the urban middle class people. Any urban citizen with an annual income above Rs 3 lakh and below 6 Lakh, is eligible to own house under the scheme.
The Telangana Government is also looking thoughtfully for a long time to tap the  Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) of the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. "CLSS" is very good scheme. This is till now no other state Govt tapped well. They are trying to utilize in a big way. Our Chief Minister Sri K Chandra Shekhar Rao himself announced that the state Govt would utilized CLSS during a press briefing recently. The officals of the housing scheme are going to out of the full details.  
What is CLSS  and what is the benefit under this scheme?
CLSS stands for Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme. Under this scheme the Government will provide an interest subsidy for the first six lakhs of the loan for fifteen years tenure. This interest subsidy will be paid to the respective financial institution/Bank. So the beneficiaries will get Rs 2.5 interst subsidy for fifteen years tenure. Note this scheme applicable loan upto 6 lakhs only. It will not applicable above 6 lakhs.
Proposals already sent for double bed room scheme 
The Telangana Government already sent proposal on This Thursaday (17th Dec 2015). These proposals for construction of 62,000 houses to the Central Government under the housing for all. The Center recently sanctioned 10,190 houses under housing for all.
Anyway this is really very good news for the middle Class people who are living at Urban Area and theit income is above three lakhs and below 6 lakhs.
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Response to Telangana Housing Scheme

Hi Friends,
We are going to inform you that we have been receiving queries through contact form in thousands like where to download application form, where to submit it, whom to meet? We have already informed you about these things earlier only.
And we are unable to respond individually; Once again we are repeating that in short;  
There is no particular application for prepared.
There is no online application available yet
If you have any doubt regarding housing scheme you can call directly on Moblie Numbers
Links are given there to know the application details, where to submitted, employees contact numbers on menu bar also.
We are happy to inform that we will adding FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Telangana Housing Scheme Forum to Discuss your queries there soon
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where to submit Telangana Housing Scheme Application Form

Hello Friends,

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We have been receiving hundreds of mails and comments as how to apply for telangana housing scheme; Where to apply; Is there any online application available online and many....
Earlier we have already informed about how to and where to apply; Any way we understood the problem of you. Where to submitted duly filled application???? Right ???

Where to submit application
  1. Many of Mandals having the housing office. If you not identified just ask your Sarpanch (If village) or local ruling party leader. Still of you have not clarified doubt?
  2. Call the district officers (housing) on mobile. Definitely they will respond to your call. Ask them where to be submitted the housing application; and do as per their instructions.

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Online Application
Now this is not available on web. It may be in the future;
Where to get the Application Form
We have already informed you there is no application form specifically. To know more regarding Telangana Housing Application Form
Final words
Now a days you are also watching the news about telangana housing scheme on televisions. KCR Sir visited that village and this village and sanctioned 2BHK for all poor people and when CM sir will visit our village? Just think how many villages he can visit? that is why Ministers are there and other govt officials are there to view these. From your end you submit your applications. They will check the eligibility to approve your application by enquiry your economic situation and other factors.
We think this information is sufficient to you. Kindly share this with your friends
Keep watching for latest updates on Telangana Housing Scheme News.
If you want to receive these updates to your inbox directly kindly subscribe freely by entering your mail address in to the box of "FOLLOW BY EMAIL"

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Telangana Housing Board open bid of flats at Pocharam

Hi Friends,
Today we would like to share with you the grate from Telangana Housing Board (THB). The THB has proposed to conduct Public Auction for sale of the vacant flats in Singapore Class Township (Sankruti Township) at pocharam, Ghatkesar Mandal, Rangareddy District, Telangana on " as is where is basis" at 3.00 PM onwards on 29.12.2015 at Meeting Hall, Gruhakalpa, A.P Housing Board Hyderabad.

Image Source: Telangana Housing Board 
The participants should deposit Rs. 1,00,000/- as EMD by means of Demand Draft obtain in favour of the Executive Engineer, Central Division, A P Housing Board, Payable at Hyderabad and submit the same before commencement of the auction and the demand draft will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders soon after the auction is completed. The amount of EMD will not be acceptable on cash.
The sale of flat is Public Auction
The auction will be held at the place and date as given in the official notification
The action officer have the wright and power to change, modify, alter, extend or prepone the time of the  auction  and also to postpone the auction to any other date for reasons recorded in writing, also have the wright to accept or reject any bid without assigning any reason and no grievance thereof will be entertained. The bidding by the applicants shall be in multiple as may be fixed the Auction Officer before commencement of the auction.
The highest bidder should deposit 25% of the bidding amount and 1% action expenses on the total bid amount within 24 hours of action is closed and the balance of the 75% should be remitted within the 30 days from the date of confirming the action by Vice Chairman & Housing Commissioner.

For any extended period beyond 30 Days a simple interest of 12% on the balance amount due to the Board shall be charged up to 30 days. Also the highest bidder while depositing the balance 75% of bid amount, should also deposit plan, water & Electricity connection charges Rs 13,450/- and Gas connection charges Rs 10,100/- along with the cost of the flat to get the flat registered in his/her favour, further he/she has to bear the stamp duty and registration charges as per rules
Also has to pay parking charges (If parking available)
  • covered 60,000/-
  • semi covered 40,000/-
  • Open parking 25,000/-
According to the notification highest bidder does not have any legal right to claim the ownership of the Flat till the auction is confirmed by the Vice Chairman and Housing Commissioner, payment of entire bid is made and the House is registered in his/her name. The Flat will be registered in favour of the auction purchaser only. If more than one person participated in the auction for single Flat; he/she should get the particulars recorded on the spot. No auctioned Flat will be divided between the joint auctioneers.

This information for your reference only

For more details you can visit official website at
Want to download detailed notification? : Download
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

2 BHK Scheme at Village Chinna Mulkanur Karimnagar

We know Karimnagar District is the heart of Telangana State.

The village, which is spread over 2553.10 acres, has a population of 2,458. It has five ponds, 2247.25 acres of farm land. Surplus government lands measure up to 60.13 acre. There are 888 families inhabiting the village that has two fair-price shops. The number of pensioners is 289. There are two beedi workers in the village. It has a primary school, high school and a model school. There are two anganwadi centres, a rice mill, a sub-station, a veterinary centre, seven bore wells, a water tank and 360 agricultural wells

The Chief Minister K Chandra Shekhar Rao Garu adopted "CHINNA MULKANUR" village; Karimnagar District. He is going to take care of the villagers of Chinna Mulkanur. 

3 Months back CM KCR visted this village and informed the villagers as the Telangana Government is decided to construct 2BHK houses at village. The villagers felt so happy for this. Officially C M KCR ordered Govt Officers to destruct the houses and start the construction of 2BHK for poor people. The Goverment officers done the first thing but ignore the second one till now. Yes Local Govt Officers already destructed houses of poor people of village Chinna Mulkanur but till now they have not started construction of 2BHK. Till now nobody responded on this situation. 

People constructed temporary residence. They are struggling much in this winter season. They have already lost own houses and struggling with the bad situation since 3 months. CM ordered officers but Officers have not taken initiation to construct. At least now officers should understand of struggle of the villagers and think about construction of 2BHK houses.
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

2 BHK Scheme Application Form | Telangana Housing Scheme for poor

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As we told in previous post many questions in our mind regarding how to apply for Telangana Housing Scheme like Where to go? Whom to meet? Application form? Where to submit?

We need not to wait for anything.
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  • Just write the application in your views what you want to convey to the Government to get sanction the 2 BHK house. It may be hand writing or else computer typing. We suggest you to write the application with own hand writing or else neighborhood. Do not go for computer typing. Of course that is also OK no problem but hand writing is the best one than computer typing to get sanctioned in our views (Its suggestion only).

  • Attach the supportive documents like identity proof, proof of address and income certificate. By submitting these documents you are going to convey the Government as you are telangana people and poor.
  • Go to the housing department office which is nearest to you; Generally now a days every Mandal has this office. If not available in mandal enquire Housing scheme  employees where it is to your near.
Go there and submit the application. You done the grate thing.

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Telangana Housing Scheme Online Application Form | 2 BHK Scheme

Double bedroom scheme application 

Many poor people are eagerly awaiting for the official notification of Telangana Housing Scheme 2015/2016. But the thing is that we need not to wait for the notification. As we know that recently our Chief Minister K Chandra Shekar Rao Garu inaugurated 2 BHK flats at IDH colony secunderabad.

How they applied for 2BHK then? Is there any special notification for those people? NO..
One fortunate time our CM sir visited that place and asked the govt officials as why this area like this as so poor. Remaining areas in this same place looking good and what about this IDH Colony? He decided at that time only to build 2 BHK houses for all the eligible poor  people. They have not applied for any scheme.

Our CM KCR  has taken a worth full decision. This 2 BHK scheme not only for the IDH Colony secunderabad people and Erravelli village people but also who eligible in all Telanagana state people.  The Government took the decision to build 2 BHK in all constituencies. So aspirants; You will have  grate days ahead. You can also grab this opportunity if you feel you eligible for this scheme.

We understand your feelings

  • It's OK but how to grab this opportunity? 
  • Where to go to apply? 
  • Whom to meet? 
  • What is the application format? and where can I get it from?


We will tell you solutions for all these questions.

Anyway, We can apply for this Telangana Housing Scheme if we wish to do.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

2 BHK Houses inauguration at IDH Colony, Secunderabad

Telangana CM KCR inaugurated the Double Bedroom Scheme in IDH Colony at Secunderabad. CM KCR assured that government will construct Double Bedroom House in every Constituencies
 The state government will only construct double bedroom flats for people living Below Poverty Line (BPL) in the  state, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has said.
Addressing a gathering after inaugurating double bedroom flats for poor at IDH Colony in New Bhoiguda, Secunderabad on Monday, the chief minister said that state government will not construct single box like rooms for the poor but will build only spacious 2 BHK rooms.
Though the government has announced that 400 houses will be built in each of the 119 Assembly constituencies in the state, 377 houses were completed in IDH Colony in the first phase of the project. KCR handed over registration documents to the beneficiaries.
He expressed satisfaction over the quality of construction and said that the IDH Colony houses would serve as a model for the entire country.
“This is only a beginning and the state government would do all that is needed for the welfare and development of the poor,’’ he added.
The foundation stone for the 2 BHK flats was laid on last Dasara and the houses were to be inaugurated this Dasara, but with the chief minister attending Amaravati foundation ceremony in Andhra Pradesh, the programme was rescheduled for November 16.
The two-bedroom flats are built on 580sq.ft each in an area of 6.1 acres, well connected to main roads with all the amenities like electricity, water and drainage systems.
The beneficiaries of these flats include 276 SCs, 31 STs, 79 BCs and 10 minorities. The total cost of the project is around Rs  37 crore.
The average cost of construction per unit is around Rs 7.90 lakh for housing and Rs 1.33 lakh for infrastructure.
Union minister of state for labour Bandaru Dattatreya said that the aim of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to see that poor  should have a home to live by 2020.
The Centre has sanctioned funds for construction of houses for the poor to the states.
The Centre has also announced to make four cities Hyderabad, Warangal, Siddipet and Ramagundam as slum-free cities.     
Home minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy, excise minister T Padma Rao, commercial taxes minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and others attended.
Source: Indianexpress and v6news
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2BHK Housing Scheme in Khammam

Khammam: The double bedroom housing scheme being implemented by the Telangana Rashtra Samiti government is being lured by many people including middlemen, beneficiaries in other housing schemes and second-rung leaders of various political parties.

As the double bedroom houses are different from the other housing schemes, efforts are on by the middlemen to get these houses.

Earlier, the previous government was used to provide Indiramma Housing to the poor people in urban and rural areas. Under this scheme, government provides Rs 45,000 to Rs 70,000 in rural areas and from Rs 55,000 to Rs 80,000 in urban areas for the poor people from the upper casts and backward classes and Rs 1.2 lakh in urban and rural areas to the poor people among the SC and ST categories.

But, the new double bedroom scheme is high cost one and cost of the each house is around Rs 5.04 lakh of 560 feet double bedroom house in districts. It is Rs 5.30 lakh in the limits of municipal corporations and they will have one kitchen, two toilets, a common hall and two bedrooms.

The status of the poor who will get these 2BHK will be elevated as middle class because of its high cost. K. Appa Rao, a Left party leader said that it is not possible to get these to the poor and second-rung leaders of various political parties including ruling party would grab it under the guise of poor.

“There is every chance of coming benami names to obtain these houses by following various tactics. I knew a person obtained a house in Rajiv Swagriha, Indiramma house and a house site,” he said.

Interestingly, some of the naïve people, who are transferring their houses and lands to the other persons, are planning to apply for 2BHK by claiming that they are very poor and no house and no piece of land was there on their name. Ruling party leaders started parleys to sanction these houses to their followers by taking some money from them.
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Erravelli to be first Telangana village to get 2BHK houses

The Government of Telangana on Monday issued orders for construction of 285 two-bedroom houses for eligible beneficiaries from weaker sections in Medak district.
The Government of Telangana on Monday issued orders for construction of 285 two-bedroom houses for eligible beneficiaries from weaker sections in Medak district. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao signed the orders before leaving for China to attend the World Economic Forum meet.
Erravelli village in Jadgdevpur mandal of Medak district will be the rural area where construction of the 2BHK houses will begin first. Orders for construction of 1500 such houses in Warangal and 2000 in Mahbubnagar were issued before but the project will take off from Erravelli village where the CM is keen to get the work grounded as soon as possible.
In Bhoiguda area of Hyderabad, construction of 396 similar houses started in October last year and the work is in progress. After coming to power, KCR promised to build 2BHK houses for deserving beneficiaries in all the villages across Telangana. Providing two bed room houses to every poor family was one of the many elections promises made by the TRS President. There is a proposal to build at least 60,000 to one lakh housing units in the first phase.
In Erravelli, the cost of constructing each individual house measuring 560 sq feet will be Rs 5.04 lakhs each at Rs 900 per sq feet. The orders were issued by Housing Secretary M Dana Kishore and foundation stone will be laid and construction will start as soon KCR returns from his week-long China trip. KCR, who owns a farmhouse nearby, toured Erravelli village on August 30, and met with the villagers and the identified beneficiary families.
The TRS Government says that at least 20 lakh families living in villages do not have proper houses. “Over the next five-six years, we plan to build nearly 10 lakhs houses. The goal of our Chief Minister KCR is to build houses for those who are in need. Each house will have two bedrooms, a hall, kitchen and toilets,’’ Housing Minister A Indrakaran Reddy said.
On June 6, orders were issued for construction of 1500 houses in six slum areas of Warangal and another 2000 in three slum areas in Mahbubnagar in the G+3, G+2 and G+ pattern. There are 3957 identified beneficiaries in Warangal while 2,300 have been identified in Mahbubnagar. Construction is yet to start as some land is yet to be acquired in these areas. The TRS Government will call for tenders for executing this scheme in rural areas after the guidelines and rules are set in place.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Double Bedroom Scheme Official Notification Date

Double Bedroom Scheme Official Notification Date

The Chief Minister of Telangana Mr Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao Garu done good job. Today few of Ministers, Deputy Speaker and may other officials visited flats. Benefices felt so happy and shared their happiness with Government officials. The state government issuing 36,54,000,00/- rupees for this scheme. Already proved what KCR is? by construction of 2bhks flats in secunderabad area for poor people.

The CM KCR will go there for see the happiness of poor people on their faces by opening the flats..May be chances are there to issue official notification on the inauguration of flats regarding village level housing programme. 

Ministers of Telangana are telling that the plan of constructions is very good..we are also use this construction plan at our assembly constituencies. The village level housing scheme not yet started. We are going to find the poor people and eligible members for housing scheme.Then we will sanction the flat. This 2bhk flat cost would be 5 lakhs. Definitely will come soon with official notification.

So we need to wait some more time see the official time..We will notice you once it issued. Keep follow the site
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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Around 60,000 houses will be constucted, It cost would be 3900 Crore-Telangana 2 BHK Housing Schme

Hi Friends,

Once again Chief Minister K Chandra Shekar Rao open his mouth today regarding 2 BHK scheme of Government of Telangana. Now also not given perfect picture of it.

What he has spoken.......

We will construct 560 S.F. 2 BHK houses  at village level as well as city area in Telangana. We have projected the number of houses to be constructed.. Around 60000 new houses will be constructed. And it cost would be 3900 crore. Many scams occurred in Indiramma Illa Pathakam Last year. Now we are not going to do the same thing again. We will issue houses to the original eligible candidates only. We have received information  as many houses are pending in State. We will orange a committee with all districts collectors and check the eligibility candidates and issue houses to eligible candidates. We will pay the bills as per the scheme rules. Also will complete the pending bills
So keep on waiting....................until issue the official notification on this matter
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Monday, August 17, 2015

The state government has stopped releasing funds to the Telangana Housing Board-THB

Hi Friends,

The Telangana Housing Board temporarily stopped housing construction as not getting dues from Telangana state Government   

As per Times of India ( Hyderabad) reporter the news is giving here.

The tussle over income-tax dues between the I-T department and Telangana Housing Board (THB) is taking a toll on several under-construction housing projects. The state government has stopped releasing funds to the THB as the I-T department has seized its bank accounts.

Hundreds of allottees of the housing projects are worried as the delay would lead to cost escalation. Though many of them have started payment of EMIs for their home loans, the contractors have stopped work de manding the government to clear their pending bills over the last seven months.

For instance, the THB has started construction of 539 independent houses, both for Higher Income Groups (HIG) and Middle Income Groups (MIG), at Raviryal near Shamshabad International Airport sometime ago, but is yet to pay about Rs 10 crore to the contractors. Similarly, construction of 290 HIG and MIG flats at Kukatpally Housing Board (KPHB) phase XV too is in doldrums with contractors stopping work, demanding their pend ing Rs 12 crore dues. Another project in Adilabad district is facing a similar fate.

Apart from the ongoing works, payments for com pleted works have also been stopped. A housing project with 170 HIG and another 167 MIG houses including inter nal amenities was completed at Devarakonda in Nalgonda district in January , 2015. The THB has not released Rs 4.5 crore to the contractors de spite their repeated requests o the state government.
Officials said the board employees were receiving salaries once every two to three months with the high court's permission as the case between the two departments is pending before the court. In all, a total of Rs 30 crore pending bills are yet to be paid to contractors since this January .

The board has been fighting a case against the I-T department with the latter demanding a payment of Rs 900 crore as tax on the revenue it had earned through land auctions between 200506 and 2008-09.

"Our stand is that the government agencies, which have been implementing the government schemes do not fall under the tax net. The amount earned through land auctions by the erstwhile APHB were utilized for taking up welfare schemes initiated by the then state government," a senior official of the state housing department told TOI.

With pressure mounting from the allottees and contractors, the government recently sent housing department secretary Dana Kishore to Chennai to consult senior lawyer and tax counsel Arvind P Datar on how to deal with the issue.

Source: Times of India
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Telangana Housing Scheme 2015

Telangana Housing Scheme 2015
Hi Friends,

Now many people are eagerly waiting for housing schemes in Telangana, Exacly no notification have issued yet, In Telangana two separate bodies are there for housing constructions.

01. Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited (TSHCL)

02. Telangana Housing Board (THB)

 In 1979 Government formulated housing corporation, The TSHCL is the part of housing  corporation. The TSHCL have come into existence for the purpose of promote and execute housing schemes in Telangana for the benefit of people, particularly the weaker section of rural areas and urban areas. Many housing schemes formulated and executed by housing corporation. The TSHCL appointed employes district wise, if you wan any help regarding the housing scheme you can contact them directly on their mobile numbers 

The THB was founded on June 2 2014, Head office of the THB is Hyderabad. The main motto of this body is facilitate affordable housing to the people of Telangana. It focused on middle range of citizens of Telangana State. It issues the notification for new housing schemes.

Two bodies are different but the motto of the TSHCL and THB is the same.

New notification not yet published, Once it arrived we will publish the notification of the scheme details for online application, We are here to provide proper housing schemes to the citizens of Telangana.

for more details you can check at TSHCL and THB  

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                             Telangana Double Bed Room Scheme / 2BHK 2015
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Upcoming Projects from Telangana Housing Board

The Telangana Housing Board Issued a notification about their upcoming project in Telangana Area.
They are going to built these division wise in Telangana State.
  • Central Division
  • South Division
  • Western Division
  • North Division
  • Mahaboobnagar Division
  • Nizamabad Division (Armoor)
  • Warangal Division

They are allocated their cost accordingly their projected houses including community halls and commercial complexes.

the statistics of this upcoming project summary is like this. have look on it.

Central Division--Houses 1526 and cost 6.61 Cr
South Division--Houses 1002 and cost 2.81 Cr
Western Division--Houses 2520 and cost 6.59 Cr
North Division--Houses 294 and cost 0.92 Cr
Mahaboobnagar Division---Houses 675 and cost 1.29 Cr
Nizamabad-Armoor-Sites and services-50 Nos
Warangal Division- Houses 350 and cost 0.53 Cr

The total houses projected by Telanhana Housing Board-6417 Nos and cost of this overall project is 18.78 crore

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THCL-Employees Contact Numbers-District wise Officers Mobile Numbers

Check Here New Updated Phone Numbers

Hi Friends,

Our Telangana Government published officers names (Housing) and contact numbers districts wise.
This is very good to aspirants. They will make a call directly to the officers if any urgency or any important doubt. The officers also responding actively. Personally we tried this with one district officer. he clarified us about the process.

Officers name and number giving below..   Have a look and Note

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sealed tenders outsourcing man power services-Short Notice No-1286-APHB(TE)-B5-2015-(Second call)

Short Tender No: 1286/APHB(TE)-B5-2015-(Second Call) Dated 18-07-2015

New Notification arrived from Telangana Housing Board for sealed tenders outsourcing man power services.

Sealed Tenders are invited from reputed/professional, registered agencies those who are providing Man power to the Governmental departments / Public Sector Organization as detailed in the schedule to work at A.P Housing Board, Head office and Offices situated in Hyderabad twin cities and Rangareddy district of Telangana entity. Tenderers should have experience in Public sector units/ Govt Departments in providing man power through outsourcing services as per terms and conditions given in the Tender forms.

The tender schedule forms, terms and conditions can be obtained from the secretary, A.P Housing Board, (TE) 1st floor Gruhakalpa, Hyderabad,  10.30 AM to 5.00 PM Mobile No 9849906402, on payment of 5000/- through demand draft in favour of Chief Accounts Officer, AP Housing Board, Hyderabad.


Tender forms will be issued from -------------------------------05.08.2015
Last date for issue of forms---------------------------------------19.08.2015
Last date and time for receipt of sealed tenders----------------21.08.2015  03.00PM
Date and time of opening of sealed tenders---------------------21.08.2015  03.15PM

Notification download form here
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Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to apply for new housing scheme Telangana 2015

How to apply for new housing scheme Telangana 2015
Do you want to apply for Telangana Housing Scheme?

The Telangana Housing Board issued notification for the new scheme. You can apply for this by downloading application from site. The application to be filled and send to the Executive Engineer.

The address of office giving below

The Executive Engineer
Western Division
Telangana Housing Board
4th Floor
APHB Commercial Complex
Opp shiva parvathi Theatre
Kukatpally Main Road
Hyderabad 500 072

The registration for the application

Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of The Director EDS, E-Seva, C/c Executive Engineer, Western Division, APHB payable at Hyderabad with the 10% of notified cost which is given at the below of application.
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Double Bed Room Scheme Telangana 2015-2BHK Scheme-Telangana

Hello Friends,

Today I am here with the grate news..Yes really it is very good news. Telangana CM KCR is going to start scheme of 2BHK in Telangana on 17th of this month e.i. 17-08-2015

According to the eligibility people should apply for the 2BHK Scheme. The procedure for the application will be informed on 17th of August 2015.

The people who are not satisfied and not approved their housing application earlier will try again now. Many are awaiting for this scheme. so lets wait until 17th August.

Now CM KCR are busy with "GRAMA JYOTHI " launch at village of Gangadevi palli of district Warangal. After completion of this he is going to focus on 2BHK scheme and will launch on 17th.

The official news will be put at the Telangana State houing site soon.

The district collectors will enquire about eligibility of beneficiary families across the district. This time all are eagerly awaiting for the date of 17th August.
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How to search disabled applications in telangana housing with pictures

Hello Friends,

Now you are here because of you name not appearing in the data of beneficiary list. Right????

Yes exactly I know,

Have you already applied for availing of " Indiramma Illu" scheme?

Not showing your name in the list?

Ok I will here to give a another link to search again and check your status once again

Main Reason for not showing many applicants data

I think you people applied for this before formation of Telangana State. That is why your application is not showing. These two Governments differentiated their housing sites. Already approved applications showing directly on their sites but what about still under verification applications.

Yes.....that is why they have put all these data in another folder of their sites. I will give the step wise instructions how to access this data.

How to search disabled applications

Step 01.

Click here to go the data bank of disabled beneficiary list

Step 02.

Click on the "DISABLED BENEFICIARY: button

Step 03.

You will get the data of all Districts, all Mandal and all villlages applicants.

So you need to select your respective district,Mandal and village. And you will export this data into PDF,Excel also. Identify your name in that list

Sill you have not seen you application contact key personnel

But you had applied but  not checked till now the status.. then you can check now. If you want to know how to check application status see the older posts or click on the above link.

Hope you understood how to search disabled applications in Telangana Housing Online portal.
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