Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to search disabled applications in telangana housing with pictures

Hello Friends,

Now you are here because of you name not appearing in the data of beneficiary list. Right????

Yes exactly I know,

Have you already applied for availing of " Indiramma Illu" scheme?

Not showing your name in the list?

Ok I will here to give a another link to search again and check your status once again

Main Reason for not showing many applicants data

I think you people applied for this before formation of Telangana State. That is why your application is not showing. These two Governments differentiated their housing sites. Already approved applications showing directly on their sites but what about still under verification applications.

Yes.....that is why they have put all these data in another folder of their sites. I will give the step wise instructions how to access this data.

How to search disabled applications

Step 01.

Click here to go the data bank of disabled beneficiary list

Step 02.

Click on the "DISABLED BENEFICIARY: button

Step 03.

You will get the data of all Districts, all Mandal and all villlages applicants.

So you need to select your respective district,Mandal and village. And you will export this data into PDF,Excel also. Identify your name in that list

Sill you have not seen you application contact key personnel

But you had applied but  not checked till now the status.. then you can check now. If you want to know how to check application status see the older posts or click on the above link.

Hope you understood how to search disabled applications in Telangana Housing Online portal.
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  1. Please make it easy for the public to check their 2bhk status