Thursday, October 8, 2015

Double Bedroom Scheme Official Notification Date

Double Bedroom Scheme Official Notification Date

The Chief Minister of Telangana Mr Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao Garu done good job. Today few of Ministers, Deputy Speaker and may other officials visited flats. Benefices felt so happy and shared their happiness with Government officials. The state government issuing 36,54,000,00/- rupees for this scheme. Already proved what KCR is? by construction of 2bhks flats in secunderabad area for poor people.

The CM KCR will go there for see the happiness of poor people on their faces by opening the flats..May be chances are there to issue official notification on the inauguration of flats regarding village level housing programme. 

Ministers of Telangana are telling that the plan of constructions is very good..we are also use this construction plan at our assembly constituencies. The village level housing scheme not yet started. We are going to find the poor people and eligible members for housing scheme.Then we will sanction the flat. This 2bhk flat cost would be 5 lakhs. Definitely will come soon with official notification.

So we need to wait some more time see the official time..We will notice you once it issued. Keep follow the site
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