Wednesday, December 28, 2016

500 Crore for Double Bedroom Houses in Telangana

Telangana Government planning to construct 2.60 lakh double bedroom houses in State. District collectors are taking the responsibility of construction of 2bhk houses. There is no interfere of MLAs in this matter. MLAs are not going to participate in selection of beneficiaries for double bedroom. But they can inform about the areas where to be constructed. Around 1500 crores need for completion of  2 lakh Indiramma Houses. The Telanagana Government already sanctioned 336 crore. 

The government finalised the tenders for 14000 houses. 650 acres land identified in hyderabad to construct 2bhk houses by the big builders. Also government informed the companies who are going to construct houses to take social responsibility. The each house cost would be 5.40 lakh at villages. The central government agreed to pay 1.5 lakh per each house.  
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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Model Village In Every District-K Chandra Shekar Rao

Telangana CM KCR, buoyed by the successful implementation of  2BHK scheme in the two villages adopted by him in the Siddipet constituency, is now keen on selecting one village in every district and converting into a model village in the next two years.

The State government has fallen back on this idea as the 2BHK scheme could not take off on as large a scale as  the government wanted, despite the allocation of substantial funds. In many districts, the contractors not willing to the construct the houses at the price fixed by the government. 

The government wanted the houses to be constructed at a cost of Rs 5.50 lakh per unit in the districts, However, private agencies are demanding Rs 7.50 lakh per unit. The CM expressed his happiness at the timely completion of the houses in Erravelli and Narsannapet villages adopted by him. While participating in the mass house-warming ceremony there on Friday, KCR discussed with Housing Minister A Indrakran Reddy and Principal Secretary to Housing Chitra Ramachandran the possibility of executing the scheme in a similar manner in all other districts. 

KCR was keen on adopting one village in every districts and establishing model villages with all basic amenities and infrastructure like safe drinking water, sanitaion, road network, power supply and other facilities. The officials have been asked to send proposals along with the district plans, for inclusion in the state's annual budget for 2017-18. These model villages would have been internet connectivity. Each of the model villages would have also be made cashless by allocating special funds in the budget.
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Double Bedroom Houses Inauguration : Erravelli-Narsannapeta, Markoor Mandal, Siddipet

Hello Double Bedroom aspirants, As we know that K Chandra Shekar Rao adopted  two villages Erravalli and Narsannapet. The time has come to inaugurate double bedroom houses at these two villages. Today Telangana CM KCR Garu inaugurated 2bhk houses at Erravelli and Narsannapet Villages, Markoor mandal, Siddipet district.

The count of 2 bhk houses in these two villages are 490. Erravelli 340 houses and Narsannapet 150 houses. The Telangana Govt have taken a new step towards building new 2bhk houses. These two villages double bedroom inauguration is tempting many other 2 bhk aspirants over Telangana State. No need to worry about our application. Not exactly started at every district. Definitely will reach us soon. 

The Telangana Government is spending 5,70,000/- for each house. Six hundred 'Veda Pandits' are participating in inauguration. Free internet facility and 24 Hours Godavari river water available for these two villages The Government divided into zones and allocated to respective officers to complete smoothly. 
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Double Bedroom Housing Scheme to Begin by March 2017

Ambedkar Nagar Colony, Warangal

The Telangana Government has been making serious efforts to ground the double bedroom housing scheme in the districts as seen from the timeline given by Housing Minister A Kiran Reddy  to Collectors of the four districts which hitherto constituted undivided Adilabad. At a review meeting at Nirmal district head quarters on Wednesday (07.12.2016). works needed to be grounded by March next and construction completed by December.

Asking the collectors to take special interest in the project, the Minister said the Government has done away with seigniorage charges on sand and would ensure supply of cement at much reduced rate of Rs 230 per bag.

The cost of the constriction would go down by at least Rs 33,000 owing to these concessions and hence there was a need for the top officials to motivate contractors to take up the work.

Housing Department Principal Secretary Chitra Ramachandran said the government has sanctioned Rs 218 crore for construction of two bedroom houses. Giving the breakup of the number of houses per district, she said 

Adilabad - 1510
Nirmal  - 960
Mancherial - 1530
Asifabad - 750

The Minister and officials also visted the site of the houses at Yellapalli Village near Nirmal. Adilabad collector Mr Buddha Prakash M. Jyothi, Nirmal Collector Ilambarithi, Khumram bheem Asifabad Collector M Champalal and Mancherial collector R V Karnan were present.

This 2 bhk housing scheme will come on all possible areas soon. all the best. 

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Passed Awayl: A look into the life of Amma

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. It came as a big setback for her supporters.
Before she became Puratchi Thalaivi Amma (revolutionary leader),Dr J Jayalalithaa was known as Kavarchi Kanni, a title she earned for her glamorous on-screen roles. With more than 120 films to her credit, she was the most successful leading lady of her time and has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and even English movies.
Jayalalithaa was a reluctant actor by her own admission. As a teenager, she aspired to become a lawyer. But fate and her mother had different plans in store for her.
Before Jayalalithaa became a household name in Tamil Nadu through her films, she was part of dance and drama troupes. And she accidentally landed an opportunity to perform on a song in Kannada superstar Rajkumar’s film Shri Shaila Mahathme as a child artist.
A few years later, she was offered the female lead role in Epistle (1961), the only English movie in her career, which was bankrolled by former Indian President VV Giri’s son Shankar Giri. And it was officially released in 1966 to a poor response in the theatres.
At the age 15, Jayalalithaa made her Kannada debut with blockbuster movie Chinnada Gombe, which was produced and directed by B. R. Panthulu. Following the success of her first film, more work came her way, prompting her mother, Vedavalli aka Sandhya, who was also a film actor, to persuade her to take up the acting as a full-time job to help the family with its financial problems.
She was born in Mandya district of Mysuru in 1948 to a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar family and did her early schooling in Bangalore before she permanently moved to Chennai to live with her mother when she was 10.
A Tamilian born in Karnataka and working in films based out of Tamil Nadu made her a good target for right wing groups. Amid growing popularity, she was embroiled in a controversy after she refused to wear “Kannadiga” identity on her sleeve as demanded by a few Kannada activists.
The trigger was her interview to a Tamil magazine, where she said that she was born in Karnataka and fluent in Kannada but she was always a Tamilian. The comment did not go down well with Kannada activists. In 1970s, when she was shooting for Tamil remake of Kannada movie Ganga Gowri at Premier Studio in Mysuru, she came under the attack.
The members of Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha led by Vatal Nagaraj stalled the shooting as they tried to enter the studio. They wanted her to apologise for what she said. Jayalalithaa wouldn’t budge. The protesters were eventually persuaded to leave the place by Kannada filmmakers. That was her first run-in with a political party.

She soon became a popular name in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu industries. She was just not eye candy and played some substantial roles, equivalent to her male counterparts. One of her memorable roles was in Suryagandhi (1973) in which she shared screen space with R Muthuraman. She portrayed the role of a matured and a well-earning woman wedded to an egoistic man with ease and confidence in this family drama. Besides supporting the family financially, she also graciously deals with the tantrums of her husband, who feels inferior to his wife due to his low wage paying job.

The film was way ahead of its times as it rooted for empowering women at a time when men strongly believed that women belonged in the kitchen.
She showed her talent in doing comedy with Galatta Kalyanam (1968) with actor Sivaji Ganesan, another stalwart who ruled the Tamil cinema parallel to M G Ramachandran. Her other standout role with Sivaji would be Engirundho Vandhal (1970), in which she had played a feisty and empowering woman.
She played some of the best roles in her acting career, starring opposite Sivaji, in films like Savaale Samali (1971), Deiva Magan (1969), Sumathi En Sundari (1971) among others.
However, her career and stardom grew leaps and bounds when she landed her first movie with MRG in B.R.Panthalu’s Aayirathil Oruvan in 1965. And she never looked back.

It is said that MGR was reluctant to cast Jayalalithaa because he thought she looked too young to be romantically paired with him. However, he was convinced by the filmmakers to give the young talent a shot. And Aayirathil Oruvan became one of the major hits of all time in Tamil.

After its success, MGR and Jayalalithaa starred in about 28 films together and became the most successful onscreen couple of all time with the masses. Besides Aayirathil Oruvan, some of their evergreen list of films, include, Adimaippenn (1969), Neerum Neruppum (1971), En Annan (1970), Raman Thediya Seethai (1972), Nam Naadu (1969) among others.

From a reluctant co-actor, MGR became very fond of Jayalalithaa over the period of time. It is also said that he was very possessive about her. He even launched her political career.
Jayalalithaa joined the AIADMK in 1982 and the rest is history

Source: Indian Express
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No contractor is filing tenders for constructing the new houses

The Double Bedroom Houses (2BHK) for the poor is still a distant dream for the people of Telangana, one-and-half-year later, the state Government could not ground even ten per cent of the target of 2.72 lakh houses. The reason being the contractors are not coming forward for take up the works, because of profit margin being less. Through the Government had earlier announced the construction of  2.72 lakh of double bedroom houses in the state for the poor in 2015-16 and 2016-17, tenders have been finalised for only just 10,000 2BHK houses so far. After much hype over the construction of 2BHK flats in IDH Colony in Hyderabad, there was a lull, " No contractor is filing tenders for constructing the new houses".

Though; just five months are left in the financial year, the government did not spend much money on the housing scheme. The only breakthrough made in the scheme was that the government persuaded the cement manufacturing companies to supply cement bags at Rs 230 per bag. The State also decided to supply sand free of cost.

However, the steel prices became another hurdle for contractors, In fact the state government decided to construct 2BHK flats with an estimated cost of Rs 5.04 lakh in rural plcaes and Rs 5.03 lakh in urban areas. However, the rate in Hyderabad was increased to Rs 7.9 Lakh. Even now, no contractors is willing to submit  bids for tenders to take up works of the houses.

Article by V V Balakrishna, New Indian Express
Source: New Indian Express

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Telangana Housing Flats sale at Bandlaguda

The Telangana Housing Board has proposed for sale of the vacant flats at Bandlaguda, Tattiannaram (V), Hayathnagar (M) Ranga Reddy District in first cum first served basis in ' as where is condition'. The date of submission of the application along with Demand Draft of EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) and applications starts from 15th November 2016 and will be closed as soon as all the flats are allotted. 

Terms and conditions

Interest persons have to down load the application form and submit in the office E.E (Hg) South Division, THB, 6th Floor Gruhakalpa. The cost of the application form of Rs 500/- and 10% cost of the flat in shape of D.D. in favour of Director (EDS), E-Seva payable at Hyderabad is to be submitted along with the application, Flat number will be allotted of their choice among available vacant flats at the time of making application. 

On allotment of flat, the purchasers have to pay the 90% of the cost within  3 months from the date of allotment. The THB will provide tripartite agreement and NOC for obtaining bank loan at his risk and responsibility. For any extended period beyond 90 days (3 months) from the date of allotment of flat, a simple interest @ 12% P.A on the balance amount will be levied

If the purchaser wants to cancel the allotment, the 10% of the cost of flat will be forfeited and the flat will be put to re-notification. To download application form and terms and conditions, please visit APHB website at

This notification does not confirm any right to the applicant for allotment of the flat. THB Rules and Regulations & amendment made from time to time are applicable to this scheme. For further details and identification of the flat, the A.E 9652225596, South Division, Dy.E.E 9949099396, E.E 9849906403, A.E.O 9849908846, THB Gruhakalpa, 6th floor, M.J. Road, Nampally, Hyderabad may be contacted on any working days during office hour. 

It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to satisfy him/her self about the flat before applying and the flat will be handed over ‘as is where is condition” on full payment and after registration on his/her name. The V.C & H.C is final authority either to accept or to reject any allotment and reserve right to cancel the notification without assigning any reason thereof and is not challengeable

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Double Bedroom Scheme Starts Soon - 2BHK Scheme

Recently Telangana Housing Scheme received co-operation from cement companies.  The Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 32 cement companies in order to further its 2BHK scheme. As per the contract, the cement companies provide 27.31 lakh metric tonnes of cement for the housing scheme for the poor. The cement will be provided at the agreed rate of Rs 230 per bag for three years. 

The agreement was signed by the Telangana Housing  Corporation and 32 cement manufacturers. The companies have agreed to provide the cement within 48 hours of receiving the orders for the same from the district collectors. 

The 2BHK housing scheme is one of the most ambitious project of the Telangana Government.The state intends to construct a total of 2.6 lakh housing units for the poor in urban as well as rural areas. Telangana Housing Minister Indra Kiran Reddy appreciated and thanked the cement manufacturers for their cooperation towards the important project.   

The CM KCR said to the media today (28.11.2016) that we are going to expand the double bedroom scheme soon. We have already received cooperation from the cement companies to provide cement at the price of 230 per bag for three years. Definitely 2BHK aspirant will receive a good news regarding the scheme.

So viewers keep ready and keep watching this website for latest updates on Telangana Housing Scheme. 
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali to you..Telangana Housing Scheme

A Diwali festival full of sweet and childhood memories,
sky is full of fireworks,
mouth is full of sweets,
house full of diyas , light and heart full of joy.
Wishing you all a very happy Diwali to you..!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Telangana New Districts-Mandals-Telangana New District Collectors

Hello All, The Telangana Government officially declared that 21 new Districts have come into existence in Telangana on the occasion  of Vijaya Dasami today (Tuesday )(11-10-2016). With these new districts; the total number of districts in the state  gone up to 31. The Telangana state which came in to existence on 02 June 2014 as the 29th state of India started out with 10 districts. 

The Telanagana New Districts are

  1. Siddipet District
  2. Jangaon District
  3. Jayashankar District
  4. Jagtial District
  5. Warangal (Rural) District
  6. Yadadri District
  7. Peddapally District
  8. Kamareddy District
  9. Medak (New) District
  10. Mancherial District
  11. Vikarabad District
  12. Sirsilla Rajanna Distrct
  13. Asifabad Distrct
  14. Suryapet District
  15. Kothagudem District
  16. Nirmal District
  17. Wanaparthy District
  18. Nagarkarnool District
  19. Mahabubabad District
  20. Jogulamba District
  21. Medchal/Malkajgiri District

The Goverment appointed a committee, headed by chief secretary Mr. Rajiv Sharma, earlier and another panel led by TRS MP K Keshava Rao to gone into the issue.



  • KARIMNAGAR (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 16)

Karimnagar Division: Karimnagar, Kothapally, Karimnagar Rural, Manakondoor, Thimmapur, Ganneruvaram, Gangadhara, Ramadugu, Choppadandi and Chigurumamidi.

Huzurabad Revenue Division: Veenavanka, V.Saidapur, Shankarapatnam, Huzurabad, Zammikunta and Illantakunta

  • JAGTIAL (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 18)

Jagtial Division: Jagtial, Jagtial Rural, Raikal, Sarangapur, Beerpur, Dharmapuri,  Buggaram, Pegadapally, Gollapally, Malyala, Kodimyal and Velgatur

Metpally Revenue Division: Korutla, Metpally, Mallapur, Ibraheempatnam, Medipally and Kathalapur

  • RAJANNA (SIRISILLA) (Revenue Division: 01; Mandals: 13)
Sirisilla Division: Sirisilla, Thangalapally (Sirisilla Rural), Gambhiraopeta, Ellareddipeta, Veernapally, Mustabad, Vemulavada, Vemulavada Rural, Chandurti, Rudrangi, Konaraopeta, Boinpally and Illantakunta.

  • PEDDAPALLY (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 14)
Peddapelly Division: Peddapally, Odela, Sultanabad, Julapally, Eligedu, Dharmaram, Ramagundam, Anthargam, Palakurti and Srirampur.

Manthani Revenue Division: Kamanpur, Ramagiri (Centenary Colony), Manthani and Mutharam.


  • ADILABAD (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 14)
Adilabad Revenue Division: Adilabad Urban, Adilabad Rural, Mavala, Gudihathnur, Bazarhathnur Bela, Boath, Jainath, Tamsi, Bheempur, Talamadugu, Neradigonda, Ichoda and Sirikonda.

Utnoor Revenue Division: Indravelly, Narnoor, Gadigooda and Utnoor

  • MANCHERIAL (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 18)

Mancherial Division: Chennur, Jaipur, Bheemaram, Kotapally, Luxettipet, Mancherial, Naspur, Hazipur, Mandammari, Dandepally and Jannaram.

Bellampally Revenue Division: Kasipet, Bellampally, Vemanpally, Nennel, Thandoor, Bheemini and Kannepally.

  • KOMARAM BHEEM (ASIFABAD) (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 19)

Nirmal Division: Nirmal Rural, Nirmal Urban, Soan, Dilawarpur, Narsapur, Kadempeddur, Dasturabad, Khanapur, Mamada, Laxmanchanda, Sarangapur and Pembi.

Bhainsa Revenue Division: Kubeer, Kuntala, Bhainsa, Mudhole, Basara, Lokeswaram and Tanur.


  • SANGAREDDY (Revenue Divisions: 03; Mandals: 26)
Sangareddy Division: Sangareddy, Kandi, Kondapur, Sadashivpeta, Patancheru, Ameenpur, Ramachandrapuram, Jinnaram, Gummadidala, Pulkal, Andol, Vatpally, Munipally and Hathnoora.

Zahirabad Division: Zahirabad, Mogudampally, Nyalkal, Jharasangam, Kohir and Raikod.

Narayankhed Revenue Division: Narayankhed, Kangti, Kalher, Sirgapur, Manoor, Nagilgudha,

  • SIDDIPET (Revenue Divisions: 03; Mandals: 22)
Siddipet Division: Siddipet Urban, Siddipet Rural, Naganur, China Kodur, Thoguta, Doulatabad, Mirdoddi, Dubbaka, Cherial and Komuravelli.

Gajwel Revenue Division: Gajwel, Jagdevpur, Kondapaka, Mulugu, Markuk, Wargal, and Rayapol.

Husnabad Revenue Division: Husnabad Urban, Husnabad Rural(Akkannapeta), Koheda, Bejjanki and Maddur.

  • MEDAK (Revenue Divisions: 03; Mandals: 20)
Medak Division: Medak, Haveli Ghanpur, Papannapet, Shankarampet Rural, Shankarampet(A), Tekmal, Alladurg, Regode, Ramayampet and Nizampet

Toopran Revenue Division: Yeldurthy, Chegunta, Toofran, Manoharabad and Narsingi.

Narsapur Revenue Division: Narsapur, Kowdipally, Kulcharam, చిల్పచెడ్‌ and Shivampet.
  • NALGONDA (Revenue Divisions: 03; Mandals: 31)
Nalgonda Revenue Division: Chandur, Chityal, Kanagal, Kattangoor, Munugode, Nakrekal, Nalgonda, Narketpally, Thipparthy, Kethepally and Shaligouraram.

Miryalaguda Revenue Division: Dameracharla, Miryalaguda, Vemulapally, Anumula (Halia), Nidamanoor, Peddapura, Thripuiraram, Madugulapally, Tirumalagiri, Sagar and Adavidevulapally.

Devarakonda Revenue Division: Chandampet, Chintapally, Devarakonda, Gundlapally, Gurrampodu, Kondamallepally, Marriguda, Nampally, P A Pally and Neradugommu.
  • SURYAPET (Revenue Divisions: 02; Mandals: 23)
Suryapet Revenue Division: Atmakur, Chivemla, JJ Gudem, Nuthankal, Penpahad, Suryapet, Tirumalagiri, Tungathurti, Garadipally, Nereducharla, Nagaram, Maddirala and Palakeedu.

Kodada Revenue Division: Chilkur, Huzurnagar, Kodada, Matampally, Mellacheruvu, Mothe, Munagala, Nadigudem, Anantagiri and Chintalapalem (Mallareddy Gudem).


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Friday, September 2, 2016

Special Officer in New Telangana Districts for 2BHK Scheme

Special Officer in New Telangana Districts for 2BHK Scheme
Hello All, Telangana Government is creating new districts. New Telangana districts will going to formed soon. The flagship scheme in Telangana is 2BHK Housing scheme or double bed room scheme. This is the scheme which is introduced for poor people specially. Many aspirants waiting for the results of 2BHK Scheme.

The Telangana Government informed that one new special officer is to be allotted in each and every district including new districts. Not  only one special officer but also 3 additional housing scheme employees in each districts. These officers give the information to the respective district collector. Still in some districts double bed room scheme not conducted. This time all districts will be there for the flagship scheme.
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Design a logo for PMAY Scheme and get prize money 1 Lakh

Ministry of Rural Development has initiated a completion for designing a logo for  Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin. The logo should signify the Government's commitment to provide shelter to every needy houshold. It must refer to HOUSING in the larger context, that is, not only as a shelter & dwelling place but also  as a symbol of social position, livelihood support and cultural expression. The logo should have pan India appeal.

Image source: Labuschin

The selected entry will be awarded a prize of Rs. 1 Lakh

The last date for submission is midnight of 31st August 2016

Click here to know the terms and conditions

The Modi Government introduced Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana. The concept behind this flagship programme is "HOUSING FOR ALL BY 2022". A house is an economic asset and contributes to upward social mobility with salutary impact on health and educational achievement. The tangible and intangible benefits flowing from a permanent houses are numerous and invaluable to both the family and the local economy. 

The Government in the president's address in the joint session of the parliament in May 2014 had announced that "By the time the nation completes 75 years of it' independence (by 2022), every family will have a pucca house with water connection, toilet facilities, 24X7 electricity supply and access. Under this scheme, Financial assistance is provided for construction of pucca to all houseless  and households living in dilapidated houses. 
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1 Lakh 2BHK Houses in Hyderabad and 2 Lakh across Telangana

On the event of 70th Independence Day, Telangana CM Mr K ChandraShekar Rao on Sunday informed Government officials to construct one lakh houses in Hyderabad and two lakh houses across the state for people who below poverty line (BPL) under 2 BHK Scheme. Also he asked them to chalk out a master plan to transform all crowded slums in the Hyderabad city into attractive residential colonies.

CM asked officials to take steps to provide all facilities like electricity, water and drainage system in all slums in urban areas across Telangana State. As sufficient land is not available in Hyderabad unlike rural areas across, these building can build with three to nine storeys to accommodate as many families as possibly in Hyderabad

Mr KCR suggested using mivan technology, which uses 'Aluminium Framework' to complete tis project. try to allot this works to local contractors in each districts. Also he said that this will help us complete the construction of houses at the earliest. The Government is ready to provide sand needed for these houses free of cost. We will also take measures to convince cement companies to supply required cement for this project at low prices 
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tenders soon for double bedroom scheme: KTR

Municipal Administration and Panchayat Raj Minister K T Ramarao today (16th Aug 2016) said that tenders will be called soon for construction of double bed room houses for the slum dwellers and the poor in the twin cities. At GHMC the minister held a review meeting on the flagship scheme of the Government to provide double bedroom houses with all facilities to the poor and deprived the class in the twin cities. As of now we have identified 1400 slums under the purview of GHMC here he said. The Minister maintained that as many as 25000 double bed room houses will be built in 78 colonies for the purpose. Construction of the houses will be started as soon as tenders process is completed he stated.

Quality will be maintained for the construction of these houses which will remain a model for the future plans to built houses, he remarked He also claimed that the Telangana is only the state in India to take up such housing plan for the slum dwellers and the poor.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

2BHK Scheme-Malaysia offers to partner with Telangana Govt

The flagship scheme of Telangana Government is 2BHK. Good news for 2BHK Aspirants. The Malaysia has offered to partner with the Telangana Government in its flagship programme, 2BHK housing scheme. IT Minister K T Rama Rao, who is on tour of the country, met Malaysian Minister Samu Vellu in Kaula Lumpur on Thursday (Yesterday) and informed him about the 2BHK housing scheme and sought Malaysia's support in executing the project
Telangana I T Minister, K T Ramarao

Mr KTR urged the Malaysian Government to explore and tap the huge opportunities available in Telangana in the field of Information Technology, Electronics, manufacturing auto mobiles and other sectors. Mr Rao invited Mr Vellu to Telangana to finalise MoUs in areas where the two Governments can work together. 

Also he told the Malaysian Minister about the Telangana Government plans to build 2.60 lakh 2BHK houses for the poor this year, of which 1 lakh would be build in Hyderabad alone. Mr K T Rao said the TS Government was keen to partner with international firms to built 2BHK houses at affordable rates. He also met Mohmd Salim Bin Fateh Din, Chairman of MRCB, a Malaysian Government Infrastructure firm and urged the MRCB to look into the possibility of setting up inter bus terminals  in Hyderabad besides a state-of-the-art international convention centre. Mr Rao is scheduled to meet Malaysian Prime Minister Nazib Razak later on Thursday.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Telangana Govt's 2BHK Scheme Faces Land Shortage in Hyderabad

Telangana Government flagship scheme is 2BHK Housing Scheme. This is the most popular scheme in Telangana all Government Schemes. Over Hyderabad and Rangareddy many applications received as of now. Lack of lands set to become hurdle to the realization of Telangana Government's dream 2BHK Scheme of providing free flats to the poor. After Cheif Minister KCR gave instructions to the GHMC and Rangareddy district officials on identifying litigation free 66 acres lands to construct 2BHK Houses. 

These DOUBLE Bed room scheme is really in TROUBLE in Hyderabad due to shortage of land.  So Government is planning to occupy the endowment and revenue lands. Because lakhs of 2BHK applications received. Daily 50 to 100 applications are submitting at meeseva centres. Around 2.5 Lakh applications received in Rangareddy district  as of now. In Hyderabad 1.5 Lakh. Almost total around 4 lakhs applications received. So there is high completion to submit their applications at Meeseva centres. 

Videos Source:
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Indira Awaas Yojana Guidelines

Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY), a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Rural Development has since inception been providing assistance to BPL families who are either houseless or having inadequate housing facilities for constructing a safe and durable shelter. This effort has been part of a larger strategy of the Ministry’s poverty eradication effort, supporting the development of an environmentally sound habitat with adequate provisions for incremental expansion and improvement.

Ministry’s commitment of ‘shelter for all‘ gained further momentum when India became a signatory to the Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlement in June 1996 recognising thereby the need for access to safe and healthy shelter and basic services as are essential for a person’s physical, psychological, social and economic well being. The object of the habitat approach is to achieve adequate shelter for all, especially the deprived urban and rural poor through an enabling approach leading to development and improvements in access to basic facilities like infrastructure, safe drinking water, sanitation, electricity etc.

The Constitution of India places rural housing in the domain of State Governments and the Panchayati Raj Institutions. Central Government has been implementing IAY as part of the enabling approach to shelter for all, taking cognizance of the fact that rural housing is one of the major anti-poverty measures for the marginalised. The house is recognised not merely as a shelter and a dwelling place but also an asset which supports livelihood, symbolises social position and is also a cultural expression. A good home would be in harmony with the natural environment protecting the household from extreme weather conditions, has the required connectivity for mobility and facilities for economic activities.
Indira Awaas Yojana Guidelines PDF Download 
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

2BHK Housing Government Orders

2BHK Housing Scheme is a flagship Scheme of Telangana Government. Really this 2BHK Scheme is a very good scheme to poor people. Many have already applied for this and waiting for the result of their wish to get take benefit of 2BHK. If you have not applied till now; you can know the details here how to apply for 2BHK Scheme . If you have already applied for it; also you can check the status of your application here. Now we are here with the new post of 2BHK Government Orders. Many of us do not know the 2BHK guidelines and Government Orders. So have look on it.
We have already told you in earlier posts. Anyway we are updating the guideline as per the Government Notification. So keep viewing. We will provide the quality of information regarding Telangana Housing Scheme i.e 2BHK Scheme.
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Three states get 69% of the Houses sanctioned under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) so far

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has replaced the Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana for building affordable housing to the urban poor after the NDA came to power. Under the PMAY (Urban), a total of 5.07 lakh houses are sanctioned so far out of which the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & West Bengal got 69%.

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) has replaced the Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana after the NDA came to power. Under PMAY(Urban), government has targeted assisting construction of 2 crore houses for urban poor in 4041 urban local bodies in the country. This is part of the ‘Housing for All by 2022’ mission.

The PMAY Scheme
The PMAY seeks to address the housing requirement of urban through the following 4 different verticals
Slum Redevelopment using land as Resource: Housing would be provided to eligible slum dwellers using land as a resource with private participation. This is aimed at leveraging the locked potential of land under slums to provide houses to the eligible slum dwellers bringing them into the formal urban settlement.
Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme:  Credit linked subsidy will be provided on home loans taken by eligible urban poor for acquisition and construction of house. Beneficiaries of Economically Weaker section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) seeking housing loans from Banks, Housing Finance Companies and other such institutions would be eligible for an interest subsidy at the rate of 6.5 % for tenure of 15 years.
Affordable Housing in Partnership with Public & Private sectors: The Mission will provide financial assistance to EWS houses being built with different partnerships by States/UTs/Cities. To increase availability of houses for EWS category at an affordable rate, States/UTs, either through its agencies or in partnership with private sector can plan affordable housing projects. Central Assistance at the rate of Rs. 1.5 Lakh per EWS house would be available for all EWS houses in such projects.
Subsidy for beneficiary-led individual house construction: Assistance would be provided to individual eligible families belonging to EWS categories to either construct new houses or enhance existing houses on their own, to cover the beneficiaries who are not able to take advantage of other components of the scheme. Such families can avail the central assistance of Rs. 1.5 lakh for construction of new houses.
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & West Bengal get 69% of the Sanctioned Houses so far
Till date, a total of 5.07 lakh houses have been sanctioned under the various components of the scheme. A total of 13 states got houses sanctioned under the PMAY so far. Out of these, the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & West Bengal got 69% of all the sanctioned houses.
Andhra Pradesh got the lion’s share of 38% (193,147) of all the sanctioned houses, followed by Telangana with 80481 houses and West Bengal with 74880 houses. Tamil Nadu with 34013 houses and Gujarat with 32311 houses are other states in the top five. 

Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Odisha & Uttarakhand are the remaining eight states to have been sanctioned houses.  The least number of houses were sanctioned in Uttarakhand (484).
For the 5.07 lakh houses sanctioned so far, the central assistance will be at the rate of Rs 1.5 lakh per house, making it a total of 7519 crore rupees.
Houses for the urban poor are yet to be sanctioned in 23 other States/UTs.
Most Central Assistance released to Andhra Pradesh
Out of the sanctioned assistance, the most amount of central assistance is released to Andhra Pradesh (335 crores) followed by Madhya Pradesh (115 crore). Till date, a total of 899.46 crore rupees has been released out of the sanctioned central assistance of 7519 crore rupees.

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

2 BHK Application Status-Telangana Housing Scheme Application Status

The Telangana Government issued application form officially. So many of us applied to take benefit of also. But the thing is that still there is a doubt when can i get double bed room house? How to check 2bhk application status? Double bed room online application status? Not only you but also many 2BHK aspirant's doubt. Infact The Government is not showing  the 2BHK application status online. The results are showing of the beneficiaries who applied before formation of Telangana State. They have not put the data yet. 

Read Updated Post below 

This process is going on. once Government issues the notification regarding 2BHK Scheme application status; definitely we will provide here the process to know the status of your application of double bed room house. The Telangana Government's flagship scheme is 2BHK house. Until then keep watching this website regularly. 

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If you are eligible to take the benefit of 2BHK; No doubt you can get it. But you need to wait until they reveled. The Telangana CM Mr KCR Garu has taken as precious scheme. Every one can apply for the 2BHK scheme but only eligible poor people will get the benefit of it. This time our CM is focused on it specially. Ineligibility candidates are definitely not going to take benefit of it. Still if you have not applied for the 2BHK Scheme. You can do it now.

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Once the official notification release, we will inform you about the 2 BHK Application status online process, Many are waiting to know Telangana housing scheme application status or double bed room online application status. Keep checking this website regularly to know the latest news of 2BHK housing scheme. Subscribe us by entering your mail id.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Telangana@2: There is a method in KCR’s madness

In this file photo, TRS president and Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao can be seen addressing the media. His government completes two years in office on Thursday. 

K Chandrashekar Rao, the first chief minister of India’s newest state of Telangana, must be a happy man. A hard fought battle of many decades culminated not just in a separate state for the Telugu-speaking region, but also a sweeping personal victory to the seat of power for the man better known as KCR.
It is now two years since the KCR-led Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) took the reins of government, following acrimonious agitations and periodic violence during the struggle for a separate state. The first two years of the very first stint in office is not the optimal timeframe to judge a new state, a new government or a new chief minister, but KCR must and will be judged – the long shadow of history falls upon him.

Telangana will celebrate its second anniversary on June 2. Families of martyrs of the Telangana movement will be given letters for government jobs. The government will hoist the longest national flag in the country – 300 feet of cloth, 10 feet more than its Jharkhand version. A memorial stupam (pillar) and a smriti vanam (memorial park) laid over 12 acres of prime land on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake are also on the cards.
Besides, the government has ordered the release of Rs 30 lakh to each of the state’s 10 districts for formation-day celebrations at all village gram panchayats, zilla parishad and district-level government offices.

In the hallowed halls of power in Telangana’s official buildings in Hyderabad, two names echo for everyone – KCR’s and his son KT Rama Rao’s (KTR). They are the epicentre of all power and decision-making in Telangana. In all state political forums, father and son are hailed as the creators of ‘Bangaru Telangana’ (golden Telangana) and the ‘Chanakya and Savyasachi’ of the new state.

According to adoring party workers and followers, they are the only leaders who can bring the state out of the floundering mess it finds itself in.

In this file photo, Telangana's first chief minister, K Chandrashekar Rao, can be seen releasing a pigeon before an ODI match between Indian and Sri Lanka at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. (Vipin Kumar/HT Photo)

A maverick CM
KCR’s legendary battles with his Andhra Pradesh counterpart, Chandrababu Naidu, over power-sharing and river water-sharing have debilitated him in more ways than one. Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party (TDP), being an NDA ally, has had the advantage of obtaining the Central government’s ear. When the more friendly Congress sank in 2014 at the Centre, KCR initiated conciliatory gestures towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi but failed to make much headway.
“We had no confidence in TRS and KCR as he had come over to us in 2004, but retraced his path to the Congress for the sake of power sharing,” said Bandaru Dattatreya, Union Minister and Telangana BJP leader, at a party meeting in April.
Without the Centre’s support, KCR has been left to pre-empt political rivals in the state. For example, as the Congress strove to project a Dalit-friendly image in Telangana, the government took the bold decision to rename the social welfare department as the scheduled castes development department.

Alongside his political fights there are the chief minister’s own personal quirks and his affinity for the divine. A firm believer in Vaastu philosophy, KCR has vowed to offer a gold crown to the Tirumala deity, as well as appeasing the Kanaka Durga deity at Vijayawada.
He has offered a ‘chadar’ to the Ajmer Dargah and given offerings at temples in Yadadri and Bhadrachalam, amongst others.
In December 2015, he performed a mega puja at his residence at a rumoured cost of Rs 7 crore, which drew a lot of expected flak despite it being paid from his own personal funds.
“What is wrong in accepting that I believe in stars, religions and also astrology, and ensuring that people of the state also benefit by such practices?” retorted a defiant KCR to media queries at the time of the puja.
“I performed ‘ayutha chandiyagam’ (puja) for the benefit of all and even invited the President, Prime Minister and also Chandrababu Naidu.”
As chief minister, KCR has appointed his personal Vaastu consultant Suddala Sudhakar Teja as official advisor to the Telangana government for a remuneration of Rs 75,000 per month.
Teja, a popular consultant to industrial groups and the wealthy in Hyderabad, is supposed to ensure that all government buildings are constructed in a ‘dosha-free’ (without spiritual faults) manner. He is now consulted on ‘architectural issues’ and structural designs of all public buildings, including irrigation projects.
His is also the brain behind the redesigning of KCR’s camp office at Begumpet (the CM’s official residence). The earlier building there was built at a cost of Rs 7 crore by former chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy. The older structure has been partially demolished and a new complex, with separate sections for the new CM’s personal residence, office and guest house, is now being constructed.
The new construction is supposed to ward off all the evil Vaastu influences at Begumpet; it is believed that YSR and his son YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s ill luck – YSR died in a helicopter crash, while his son is being pursued by the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate in various cases – needs warding off.
KCR is not as media savvy like Naidu, who took a dozen journalists to Singapore and Malaysia to publicise his designs for the new Andhra capital of Amaravati. Naidu knows the media game well. He appointed the editor of a television channel as the editor of Andhra Pradesh, the state government publication, and another as CEO of Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Channel (SVBC), the television channel of the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam. Many journalists have been given jobs in various government departments in Delhi and Hyderabad.
KCR has also made placatory moves to win journalists over. A scheme for a health insurance fund for journalists and a new building for the press club have been doled out. More importantly, on coming to power KCR bought over television channel T News and the Telugu newspaper Namaste Telangana.
“Why am I being questioned when the media tolerated Congress chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy for floating his own television channel and Telugu newspaper (Sakshi Group)?” asked KCR at a March press meet during the civic body elections in Hyderabad.
“Has not the Eenadu Group fully supported the TDP during elections?” was his defense.
KCR’s government has systematically kept the rest of the media at a distance under the conviction that mainstream media is in the pockets of Naidu, and therefore anti-Telangana. Two news channels TV9 and ABN Andhra Jyoty, in fact, were banned for almost nine months by cable operators in Telangana when they reportedly aired negative reportage on KCR and his men.
KCR, it seems, does not trust easily, especially since assuming power. His own nephew and irrigation minister T Harish Rao has been distanced, despite earlier being projected as the number two in the party. Harish Rao’s demotion came after the political entry of KCR’s son. KTR is now deemed the de facto chief minister and is present at all high-level meetings.
KTR is an US-educated, media-savvy, middle-aged politician, and seen as a worthy successor and subsequent CM. Upon winning the Hyderabad civic polls, KCR gave the municipal administration and urban development portfolio to his son.

Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao presents Akkineni Nageswara Rao award to Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, in Hyderabad. (PTI file photo)

The rhetoric of ‘invaders’
The theme of ‘invaders’ – natives of the fertile Andhra region who ‘ruled’ over the poorer, parched areas of Telangana – is one that has recurred over the past six decades of the Telangana movement. KCR has chosen not only to retain this divisive theme but to perpetuate it to consolidate his political position in the last two years. His party has insisted on putting blame on Andhra ‘invaders’ along with the rhetoric of ‘us vs them’.
The government is keen to remind people about the original causes for the struggle for a separate Telangana – lest people forget who won them their state. For instance, while redesigning ongoing and new irrigation projects soon after taking charge, irrigation minister Harish Rao blamed past rulers for creating projects aimed at benefitting only Seemandhra, and not Telangana farmers.

“How is it that the river Godavari and Krishna, which flow a longer course in Telangana, but (end up providing) our farmers only 15 percent of their benefit while Andhra farmers get 85 percent?” he asked at a meeting of the Krishna river water management board in May.
The rhetoric is understandable. Most veterans of the struggle for a separate Telangana state still nurse misgivings about injustice to the new state during bifurcation. Professor Madabhushanam Sridhar Acharyulu, information commissioner in the Central Information Commission in New Delhi, says that in 1956, mischief was done by Andhra in dropping the Telangana title from the name of the state – Andhra-Telangana – as agreed upon earlier and renaming it simply as Andhra Pradesh.
Even in the AP Reorganisation Act of 2014, he says, though Hyderabad was made the joint capital for 10 years, no timeframe has been set for division of the Andhra Pradesh high court. He sees a conspiracy in this.
“Such mischief in the Acts have hurt the feelings of Telangana people and made them suspicious of the designs of the residents of Andhra, who always look down upon the people of Telangana as ‘buffoons and muffs’,” wrote Acharyulu recently in the state government magazine Telangana.
KCR continues to use to his advantage the memories of the perceived injustices done to Telangana by the natives of Andhra.
Political hawks predict that as KCR and his party take this xenophobic rhetoric forward, the coming years will see an intensification of water wars, not only between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh but also with Maharashtra and Karnataka.
This was evident during the last budget session of the assembly in April, when KCR made a four-hour-long presentation with the help of Google Maps, on how the waters of the Godavari and Krishna rivers were not put to more use in Telangana since “past rulers” did not care to promote feasible irrigation projects.
He contrasted this with how Karnataka and Maharashtra were utilising Krishna and Godavari waters by illegally building more ayacuts, small aqueducts, check dams and other minor irrigation projects, which require no clearance by the Central Water Commission.
“We all know how Andhra Pradesh has been harvesting three crops a year in the Krishna and Godavari delta when Telangana’s farmer has to depend on costly power-driven irrigation pumps,” claimed irrigation minister Harish Rao at a recent meeting of the Krishna river water management board.
KCR is unafraid to use terms like “third class” and “illegal” to describe Andhra Pradesh’s government staff, asking them to leave the new state. This is a continuation of his frontal attack on Andhra natives, which he launched in August 2013 as soon as bifurcation was announced.
“Andhra employees working here should move back to their respective places,” he told non-gazetted officers at a meeting then. Sources who attended a review meeting by KCR in January 2016 quoted him as saying, “Telangana people will work in our government. Andhra people can work for the government there.”
He was repeating his frequent accusation of Telangana locals being denied jobs and promotions in the government of the erstwhile united Andhra.
KCR wants the residents of Andhra out of Hyderabad. Along with government officials, local businesses like tea shops, liquor joints, petty grocery shops, bus operators and taxi services that were patronised by these Andhra residents are also likely to gradually migrate as patrons fall away.
KCR and his team, however, deny that civilians are on the run. “At the most, some noted Andhra business families and their entourages may go,” he said at a press meet in April. “I don’t think the majority of Andhras want to go back as they have been given recognition as Hyderabadis. But nobody can stop anyone if they want to go.”

Chandrashekar Rao takes part in a police parade. (PTI file photo)

Welfare plus business
KCR knows well that xenophobia alone will not be enough for him to retain his tight grip on power. Thus he has combined a strategy of fear with promises of free doles. Public welfare has been on the top of his political agenda, with Rs 35,000 crore being spent annually on such schemes in the last two years.
“Nidhulu, nillu and niyamalu” (river water, resources and jobs) was KCR’s poll promise to voters. He is willing to splurge in order to keep his core vote bank – the farmers – happy. What results these welfare schemes will yield, and whether they will be implemented properly on the ground, will have to be determined only in another few years.
A little-known fact is that KCR was the mastermind of the pro-agriculture and anti-IT (information technology) lobby that derailed the erstwhile Naidu regime in early 2004, leading to the TDP’s rout and political exile for a decade in united Andhra. Back then, KCR had cleverly ignited Congress party campaigners against the IT lobby.
However, as chief minister KCR wants IT initiatives to flourish in his new state, and even better the records of previous Congress and TDP regimes.
Since the formation of Telangana, KCR and the TRS leadership claim they have been fighting what they call a psychological warfare against the Congress’ fear mongering and the TDP’s allegedly hired consultants. Fears and rumours have abounded about the flight of capital and the IT industry’s decline in the new state – that Telangana was set to become a land of lawlessness, that Maoists would gain control and that business and industry, particularly in the IT sector, would migrate to Chennai or Bangalore.
However, the reverse has happened with the apparent inflow of about 500 companies, including the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple, into the state. As per state government data, software exports have increased by 16 percent to Rs 68,000 crore in 2014-15. The state registered a growth of 11.7 percent versus the national average of 8.6 percent, and in the current fiscal year, as per the governor’s address to the assembly in March, growth is expected to increase to 14.9 percent. Hyderabad also remains at number two position after Bengaluru in terms of software exports, as per industry body NASSCOM.
The healthcare and education sectors have benefited from this IT push, according to industry experts. KCR, the former scourge of the IT industry, has managed to use it as a development plank to weed out middlemen and contractors in a bid against corruption and cleaner governance.
In fact, the Telangana government has gone a step further than its Andhra counterpart, introducing more electronic initiatives in administration, policing, internal security, delivery of subsidies and welfare initiatives to citizens and farmers, and in ensuring the safety of women and children. Telangana and Hyderabad are now being propped up as start-up hubs with their innovative IT policy – a far cry from the image of the street fighter that its chief minister KCR has deliberately cultivated.
As the new state enters its third year, the verdict from KCR’s core constituency is one of cautious optimism.

“We are not sure,” said Janga Reddy, a farmers’ leader in Warangal, when asked about the TRS government’s performance so far. “KCR has given us more sops than Chandrababu Naidu or YSR. We all feel that KCR is struggling to give us more, but is not able to do so due to some constraints. We can wait for some more time. After all, we waited six decades for Telangana and two years is just a small period.”
KCR’s political strategy appears to have worked well so far. Whether he will be able to, or want to, serve the interests of all the people of Telangana will be known in the next three years.
(By arrangement with GRIST Media)
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