Thursday, January 14, 2016

Upcoming Projects from Telangana Housing Board

The Telangana Housing Board Issued a notification about their upcoming project in Telangana Area.
They are going to built these division wise in Telangana State.
  • Central Division
  • South Division
  • Western Division
  • North Division
  • Mahaboobnagar Division
  • Nizamabad Division (Armoor)
  • Warangal Division

They are allocated their cost accordingly their projected houses including community halls and commercial complexes.

the statistics of this upcoming project summary is like this. have look on it.

Central Division--Houses 1526 and cost 6.61 Cr
South Division--Houses 1002 and cost 2.81 Cr
Western Division--Houses 2520 and cost 6.59 Cr
North Division--Houses 294 and cost 0.92 Cr
Mahaboobnagar Division---Houses 675 and cost 1.29 Cr
Nizamabad-Armoor-Sites and services-50 Nos
Warangal Division- Houses 350 and cost 0.53 Cr

The total houses projected by Telanhana Housing Board-6417 Nos and cost of this overall project is 18.78 crore

Upcoming projects area wise

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