Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Hi All

We are so grateful to all of you who are viewing this site regularly and to who I am connected. We put a lot of my soul into our blog, and we always hoping to affect you. We do not write a lot of things that are all extraordinary, You guys respond you feel, have felt, or understand a lot of what i put into words. 

Really We lucky that we have a platform that through the information regarding the latest news of Housing Scheme in Telangana. We can also echo or mirror some of yours. As I look at the times one of you said " Thank you for writing this"...

There is a thread that joins us - by getting latest updates on Telanagana Housing Scheme in 2016
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My wishes for you are not restricted to only the following year but rather to every one of the all the years that you live, in this life and beyond. Have a happening New Year ahead.

Wish you all the best for this new year and everything will be good


Heartful Wishesh


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  1. Sir Will You Inform How To Apply and When & Where To submit Free House Scheme ??????