Sunday, February 28, 2016

Allotment of LIG Flats at Pocharam on First Served Basics under hire purchase scheme with 40% down payment

The Telanagana Housing Board issued Notification No.502/LIG F/Pocharam/E4/EE/CD/2015 

This is reference to the allotment of ready build LIG Flats at Pocharam under hire purchase scheme. Few LIG Flats available at Pocharam near outer ring road adjacent to Singapore Class Township, Raheja High Tech City and infosis I.T. Park.

The A.P. Housing Board has constructed 450 LIG Flats (360 Nos of 512 Sft and 90 Nos, of 355 Sft) at Pocharam, Annojiguda, Ghatkesar Mandal, Rangareddy District. Few flats which are ready for occupation are available in this Scheme for allotment on First Cum First Served Basis under Hire Purchase Scheme with 40% down payment on " as is where is basis"

Interested persons have to submit the applications for allotment duly paying 40% of final cost, as shown in column (6) and Rs.200/- application cost in the form of demand drafts, drawn in favour of Executive Engineer (Hg), A.P. Housing board, Central Division, Hyderabad payable at Hyderabad. The Flats allotted under Hire purchase basis will be handed over to the Applicants after execution of lease cum sale agreement, as the Flats are ready for occupation. Flat numbers will be allotted at their choice among available vacant flats at the time of making application but not drawl of lots in the Division Office
To download Application form and terms and conditions, please visit APHB Website at

Maintenance Deposit & Charges, Electrical Service Connection Charges, Water Connection Charges, Incidental charges etc., are extra over the final cost

Filled-in Application Forms along with Demand Drafts of EMD and Application cost, to be sent to Executive Engineer (Hg), Central Division, A.P. Housing Board, 6th Floor, Gruhakalpa, M.J. Road, Nampally, Hyderabad. The date for submission of application along with Demand Drafts of EMD and application start from 24.02.2016 and get closed as soon as all the flats are allotted

a) The Applicants should specify the mode of allotment i.e, First Cum First Served Basis 100% payment) or Hire Purchase (with 40% down payment). 

b) Income limit per month is Rs.15,000/-and above. 

c) The A.P. Housing Board (Allotment, Management and sale of Houses or Flats) Regulation 1997 and amendments made from the time to time shall be applicable. 

d) The Notification shall not confirm any right on any applicant for allotment of Flat.  

For any further information or details, please contact the Executive Engineer (Hg), Central Division 

Phone No 040-24603571 to 5 Ex-610
Mob No   9849908847
Assistant Estate Officer, Central Division 
Mob No 9849906434

or Dy EE (Mob No 9989334835), A P Housing Board, Gruhakalpa, M J Road, Nampally, Hyderabad.


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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to apply for double bedroom house scheme in 2016-updated

Have you downloaded the 2BHK Application form?? or you can download here that. Or else you can visit meeseva centre and take the application form. Fill it as we have informed in previous post. After filing of the data what we need to do?
 Meeseva is enabled issuing 2BHK application form so they have the solution to submitting the application form. Will they receive the applications? or will guide you where it to be submitted?
Yes..We are giving the meseva centre addresses for your ready reference. Ask meeseva centre employee for submitting the application as where is to be?? 

They will receive your application form and will give you a acknowledgment receipt. You need to pay 15 rupees.
So what you need to do is go to your nearest "Meeseva Centre" and go for it.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Download Double Bed Room House Application Form - 2BHK Application Form

Download Double Bedroom Application Form: Finally Telangana Government prepared an application form for granting double bed room house. We have told you earlier that just write your application details on a fresh white paper. But now it has gone. Application form came into existence.

Many people do not know where to get this application form. Yes, we are providing the 2 bhk application form here you can download from here or else you have another option that goes to any meeseva center in Telangana and ask for the application form.

How To Download 2BHK - Double Bedroom Application Form

Just folow my steps to download 2BHK application form from Governament Telangana Meeseva Portal


Step 2: You will "Other Links" option left hand side as given in above image. Once you click on it, you will see "Application Forms" option again.

Step 3: Just click on Application Forms. If you click on it, You will see a new window like below


Step 4: Click on the file name "Application for Grant of Double Bed Room House"  

Done, You will get 2BHK / Double Bedroom application form in pdf will be downloded to your computer or mobile phone.

Note: Telangana Meeseva upgraded double bedroom application form

We hope you understood how to download Double bed room application form from Meeseva Telangana Official portal.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Telangana's new housing scheme fuels aspirations among the poor, hundreds queue up at Secretariat Hyderabad

Telangana Housing Scheme fuels aspirations among the poor, hundreds queue up although many applicants claim that the process is too time consuming, yet wait in long lines for close to three hours hoping that some day they will get the house sanctioned. 

With Telangana Government's two bedroom housing scheme for the poor being in great demand, a long, winding queue can be seen at the Secretariat every day with people waiting patiently to present their case.

The much touted scheme entails the construction of 60,000 two BHK (Bed Room,Hall,Kitchen) houses for the poor across the state for 2015-2016, at unit cost of Rs 5,04,000/- in rural areas and at Rs 5,30,000/- in urban areas.

As we already informed you that central Government sanctioned 678 crores for building the new houses for economically weaker sections in Telangana. 

Of the 60,000 houses, 36,000 flats will be allocated to rural areas while 24,000 flats will be allotted to urban areas. 

A security personnel said, “From past few days, around 400 to 500 people are coming here every day to collect the passes and most of them are women.” While speaking to The News Minute, a few of them shared their problems.

Forty-year-old Hanifa Begum said, “As soon as I heard about this scheme, I immediately rushed to the Secretariat to collect my entry pass in the hope of getting my own house. But it was not so easy to get this pass, as I got it after a ten-day long wait. Each day I spend nearly two hundred rupees for traveling which is not a small amount for me.”

She added, “I have seven daughters and I am the only breadwinner of the family. My husband doesn't earn and wastes his time drinking with what I earn. It is becoming really difficult to afford my rent and other expenses, though I am not sure of getting this house but I still wish to get it.”
Several people from the weaker sections of society have high hopes from the scheme and have been flocking to the counters with the necessary documents to submit their applications. However, some of the applicants have a common grouse that the entire process is too time-consuming.

Also many people are sending their economical problems regarding 2BHK Scheme. 

We have given original Content from
KCR Sir Iam ( Jayavani - Lalapet 34 years) a Laber iam very poor sir my husband Recently (Death on 22nd Apirl 2014) one Daughter 8years Old and My mother 52 years Old 
3nos Female ( house Rent 3500/-)Sir i am physical handicap 47% i think i am Eligible Please help me sir
 Jagadeeshwar Kudumula
kcr sir na peru jagadeeshwar nenu hyderbad lo 7 years nunchi vuntunnanu naku oka papa memu chalapeda kutumbaniki chendina vallam memu room rentla ke memu tindanike ma salary charipotundi please ma yanduv dayavunchi maku dari choopincha galarani korukuntunnamu dandalu velavela dandalu sir meeku

Surendar Karaajula
This is Surendar Karaajula. We have (Parents) applied for housing scheme before formation of Telangana. We have started building own house by borrowed money form relatives and neighbors. The application status was in waiting list. But after formation of Telangana We could not identified our application in disabled beneficiary list also. Now what to do?? Every one is asking for the repayment of principal including interest. Kindly Help Us.
mail ID Mob: +91 9987337357   

I am Abdul Rasheed living in santoshnagar on rented house I have 3 daughter 2 sons one son is mentally handicap and one daughter is physically handicap I have been living on rented house since by birth please allow me a house I pray for you always long live to KCR govt and KCR Please help me

Ganta.Srinivasa RaoI am G. SRINIVASA RAO living in FILIM NAGAR on rented house I have been living on rented house since by birth please allow me a house I pray for you always long live to KCR govt and KCR Please help me SIR.
Vinod BabuI am Vinod single source of income staying in rent for many years with 2 kids and wife, lost IT job in recession and still didn't get any job taking tutions and feeding my family and staying for rent many years,getting difficult in paying the rents and running family with all financial tensions, undersrtand your are giving 2 BHK houses in hyderabad, please consider my case and provide me the own house
kcr sir iam laber i am very poor sir please give one house i have two daghters one 10th class two is 7th class please help me sir.

sir memu Hyderabad lo 40 years nundi rental houses loney untunnam sir ma proper medak district, maa father 8 years unappude Hyderabad bathukuderuvu kosam valasa vachchadu mammalni kuda aardika ibbandhula valana saraina chaduvu cheppincha lekapoyadu,ma family 5 members sir andhulo iddharu sisters nenokkadine abbaini nenu china job chesthoo unnanu sir maku inti addhelu chaala bhaaranga thayyarayyai sir, sontha illu leka chaala bhaaranga bathukutunnam sir, previous governaments sontha illu unnavariki dabbukattina varike illu manjooru chesaru, maku mathram ippudu mee TRS GOVT vachchaaka brathukumeedha aashalu chigurinchai sir mana TELANGANA GOVT meedha enno aashalatho mimmalni vedukuntunnu sir memu present KOMPALLY, QUTHBULLAPUR mandal RR Dist lo rent house lo untunnam. maku ee double bedroom scheme varthimpa chesi mammalni aadhukondi sir KCR garu.

And many people are there  but we can not put every problem of them. We hope that Telangana Govt will take the better decision regarding the 2BHK procedure.
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Housing Scheme Overview in Bangaru Telangana

Housing Scheme Overview in Bangaru Telangana

By G. Rajendra Kumar; The Hans India

During 1977, a severe cyclonic storm hit two coastal districts and several people became shelter less. To rehabilitate such victims, during 1979 Government formulated the Housing Corporation. It was decided to construct only pucca houses


•    To establish an exclusive organization, TSHCL ,topersue on the following objectives:

•    To formulate, promote and execute Housing Schemes for the benefit of people in general and particularly the Weaker Sections or persons living in Rural and Urban areas and to those who are affected or likely to be affected by natural calamities such as Cyclone and Tidal Waves.

•    To undertake or regulate construction of houses and create or cause to be created other infrastructural facilities for the said housing scheme.

•    To take up research and development activities in the field of construction and material management and to associate and collaborate with Government, individuals, organizations and associations how in the field of building construction, land development, environmental improvement and such other activities as are useful healthy commodities.

•    Mobilizes loans from various Financial Institutions for implementation of Housing Programme.

•    Plays the role of facilitator in the construction of houses by providing technical and financial assistance.

•    Propagates Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly Construction (CEEF) materials and technologies in construction of houses.

•    Imparts training for skillupgradation through Nirmithi Kendras.

•    Encouragesinsitu production of alternative construction materials.

•    Recovers loans from beneficiaries in monthly installments by motivation.

•    saturation approach - No poor household left without a pucca house.

•    People’s participation is key.

•    Motivation of beneficiaries is focus area.

•    Execution, payment and monitoring done through:

E-Governance system that

•    Facilitates making payment.

•    Internet banking system.

•    Monitors house-wise progress

•    Follows up complaints.

•    Disbursement only through individual accounts (Bank & Post Offices).

•    No middlemen in disbursement.


Certificate of Appreciation for Housing Online Monitoring and e-Governance System developed by Centre for Good Governance [Category e-Governance] For being a finalist in manthan award for South Asia 2009
Initiatives in Housing Programmes

•    Unit Cost of Rural Permanent House (RPH) is enhanced to Rs. 45,000/- and Urban Permanent House (UPH) to Rs. 55,000/- in May 2011.

•    For SC/STs, additional loan of Rs. 20,000/- in Rural and Rs. 30,000/- in Urban areas, over and above the unit cost is being given.

•    Additional loan of Rs. 15,000/- for Weaver Worksheds is being provided.

•    Unit Cost of Rs. 98,000/- (Rs. 53,000 + Rs. 45,000) for Project Displaced Families (R&R). For SC/STs, additional Rs.20,000/- is being given.

•    Supply of cement at low price to all housing beneficiaries.

•    Electricity and Water Supply in layouts are being provided from the housing budget.

•    Total monitoring of progress through online system.


(105.82) lakh houses are completed for Weaker Sections, since inception of the programme, up to 31.03.2012.

During the year 2006-07, Government have launched Integrated Novel Development in Rural Areas and Model Municipal Areas (INDIRAMMA), and housing is one of the important area of development. Under INDIRAMMA housing, (40.60) lakh houses are completed up to 31.03.2012, which are part of the 105.82 lakh hoses.

Rs. 15550.92 Crores transferred to people using E-Governance System, up to 31.03.2012.

Reforms in Implementation from Now onwards

MHO system and payments through VOs were abolished. Beneficiary payments only through individual Bank accounts.Issue of payslips and cement slips to beneficiaries.

New Payment System

Direct transfer into beneficiary account through CBS of banks. Time Schedule for payments within 7 to 10 days.

Transparency in Implementation

•    Eligible list of applications during Rachabanda – I (Jan – Feb’11) is displayed in website.
•    Ineligible beneficiaries recovery database is displayed.
•    Toll Free No 1100 to receive the complaints.
•    Special Officers were appointed to enquire into the complaints.
•    State Monitoring Unit (SMU) – An independent unit to deal with vigilance cases and complaints.

Urban Housing 

AP State Housing Corporation Ltd (APSHCL) is a Government of Andhra Pradesh agency for construction of houses to the Rural and Urban poor in the State. Currently agency is responsible for implementation of various housing programme initiated by State Government aimed at construction of Pucca houses to Rural/Urban poor to ensure that all the houseless families in the State are provided with Pucca houses.

In order to achieve this objective, APSHCL has taken up the housing program in a massive way by constructing housing colonies & multistoried buildings in urban areas. The AP Government gives subsidy & loan and arranges loan facility from the banks towards unit cost of the house. The APSHCL will take Administrative Sanctions from the Government and award these works to the eligible contractors.

APSHCL proposed to have an e-solution for effective planning, tracking and monitoring of the urban housing program. Accordingly CGG developed and deployed an e-solution “Urban Housing for Contract Based Works” to the requirements of the department.

Urban housing for contract based works
The e-solution facilitates

• Centralized database for effective planning, tracking, monitoring and evaluation of work program. 

• Generation of Pay Release Order (PRO) against bills.

• Speedy and transparent manner of release of funds ( HO Division office) through Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) 

• Ensures timely payment to the Executing Agencies/Contractors.

• Decision Support System (DSS) at various levels in the department.

Block in a colony is considered as a unit and the parameters are captured against a block. The e-solution has following forms in order to capture the relevant data and the functionality of these forms is as follows. 

1.    Schemes: Name of the scheme i.e., Indiramma,G+ Ph-I, IHSDP G+ Ph-II etc 

2.    Unit cost/APSHCL Component: Unit cost of house and APSHCL components like Subsidy & Loan amounts, Bank loan amounts and beneficiary contribution amounts etc. 

3.    Banks: Name of the banks for bank loan payments and beneficiary contributions. 

4.    SC/ST Bank Loan Payment: In the selected municipalities in a district, the Bank Loan contribution will be paid by the Government. 

5.    Colony/Block/Sanctions It has five sub forms i.e., Colony, Admin.Sanction, Tech.Sanction, Block & Execution.

6.    Technical sanction for the colony 

7.    No. of block in the colony and their pattern ( G+2, G+3 etc)

8.    Details of the contractor 6. Beneficiaries & Bank Loans:

It has three sub forms i.e., Beneficiaries, Bank Loan Applications and Bank loan sanctions. 

a. Beneficiaries in a block 

b. Applications for Bank loans 

c. Bank loans sanctioned

Beneficiary Payments & Releases: 

It has four sub forms i.e., Beneficiary contributions, Bank loan releases, Other grants and Total Receipts.

 a. Beneficiary contribution payments 

b. Bank loans releases for the beneficiaries 

c. Other grant released if any 

d. Total Receipts i.e., amount received through Beneficiary contributions, bank loan releases and other grants.

PRO Confirmation: Verify and confirm the PRO by Division office before forwarding to the head office for release of payment. 

Funds Transfer: Based on PRO confirmation, system generates consolidated statement of funds transfer (bank/ office wise) which enables the HO to arrange for transfer of funds to the respective division office bank accounts. 
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