Monday, March 14, 2016

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Hello Readers, Are you worrying about commenting on this website. Will it not publishing? No problem. If you do any comment; Is it showing as "ONLY MEMBER OF THIS BLOG ONLY COMMENT" Here is the second way of commenting on this blog. 

Just become a member for this site. Do not think as it's for premium. No it's absolutely free. Just become a member by subscribing us. Subscribe button will be available at slide bar(right side of the website) 

Enter your mail ID and verification text into box. Now click on complete and subscribe button. Yes you will be done. 

Why should I become a member

  1. You can get the latest news regarding Telangana Housing Scheme for free to your inbox.
  2. You can comment on this website through comment box.
So keep touch with us by subscribing to our website.
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