Thursday, April 7, 2016

Telangana Housing Scheme 2BHK Design-2BHK Plan

Hello 2BHK Aspirants,

This is the season of the applying for Telangana Housing Scheme for poor. Ofcourse we know that tell us a new thing..Yes We will here to inform you about new news only. Every one is eagerly waiting for aplying for this benefit and thinking about availing of this benefit. But many few are thinking about the 2BHK Design or  2BHK Plan. If you are in that particular list definitely you will come to know of the Telngana Government flagship scheme 2BHK. 

The Telangana Government released the proposed plan for double bed room houses. In fact it is really very nice. Just check it once here below.
 We can see above,

Bed Room (1): 9'-0'' x 9'-0''----------81 sft
Bed Room (2): 10'-0'' x 9'-0''--------90 sft
Living Room: 12'-10'' x 9'-0''---------140 sft
Kitchen: 6'-0'' x 6-0''-------------------36 sft
Toilet (1): 3'-6'' x 5-0''-----------------18 sft
Toilet (2): 3'-8'' x 6-0''-----------------22 sft
Wash Area: 6'-6'' x 3'-2'' -------------20 sft
Stair Case:  6'-3'' x 13-0''-------------82 sft

Wall Area:-----------------------------71 sft

Total Area: 560 SFT.

How it is? Really Good na?      
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