Thursday, June 30, 2016

2BHK Scheme-Malaysia offers to partner with Telangana Govt

The flagship scheme of Telangana Government is 2BHK. Good news for 2BHK Aspirants. The Malaysia has offered to partner with the Telangana Government in its flagship programme, 2BHK housing scheme. IT Minister K T Rama Rao, who is on tour of the country, met Malaysian Minister Samu Vellu in Kaula Lumpur on Thursday (Yesterday) and informed him about the 2BHK housing scheme and sought Malaysia's support in executing the project
Telangana I T Minister, K T Ramarao

Mr KTR urged the Malaysian Government to explore and tap the huge opportunities available in Telangana in the field of Information Technology, Electronics, manufacturing auto mobiles and other sectors. Mr Rao invited Mr Vellu to Telangana to finalise MoUs in areas where the two Governments can work together. 

Also he told the Malaysian Minister about the Telangana Government plans to build 2.60 lakh 2BHK houses for the poor this year, of which 1 lakh would be build in Hyderabad alone. Mr K T Rao said the TS Government was keen to partner with international firms to built 2BHK houses at affordable rates. He also met Mohmd Salim Bin Fateh Din, Chairman of MRCB, a Malaysian Government Infrastructure firm and urged the MRCB to look into the possibility of setting up inter bus terminals  in Hyderabad besides a state-of-the-art international convention centre. Mr Rao is scheduled to meet Malaysian Prime Minister Nazib Razak later on Thursday.

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