Sunday, June 26, 2016

Telangana Govt's 2BHK Scheme Faces Land Shortage in Hyderabad

Telangana Government flagship scheme is 2BHK Housing Scheme. This is the most popular scheme in Telangana all Government Schemes. Over Hyderabad and Rangareddy many applications received as of now. Lack of lands set to become hurdle to the realization of Telangana Government's dream 2BHK Scheme of providing free flats to the poor. After Cheif Minister KCR gave instructions to the GHMC and Rangareddy district officials on identifying litigation free 66 acres lands to construct 2BHK Houses. 

These DOUBLE Bed room scheme is really in TROUBLE in Hyderabad due to shortage of land.  So Government is planning to occupy the endowment and revenue lands. Because lakhs of 2BHK applications received. Daily 50 to 100 applications are submitting at meeseva centres. Around 2.5 Lakh applications received in Rangareddy district  as of now. In Hyderabad 1.5 Lakh. Almost total around 4 lakhs applications received. So there is high completion to submit their applications at Meeseva centres. 

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