Monday, November 28, 2016

Double Bedroom Scheme Starts Soon - 2BHK Scheme

Recently Telangana Housing Scheme received co-operation from cement companies.  The Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 32 cement companies in order to further its 2BHK scheme. As per the contract, the cement companies provide 27.31 lakh metric tonnes of cement for the housing scheme for the poor. The cement will be provided at the agreed rate of Rs 230 per bag for three years. 

The agreement was signed by the Telangana Housing  Corporation and 32 cement manufacturers. The companies have agreed to provide the cement within 48 hours of receiving the orders for the same from the district collectors. 

The 2BHK housing scheme is one of the most ambitious project of the Telangana Government.The state intends to construct a total of 2.6 lakh housing units for the poor in urban as well as rural areas. Telangana Housing Minister Indra Kiran Reddy appreciated and thanked the cement manufacturers for their cooperation towards the important project.   

The CM KCR said to the media today (28.11.2016) that we are going to expand the double bedroom scheme soon. We have already received cooperation from the cement companies to provide cement at the price of 230 per bag for three years. Definitely 2BHK aspirant will receive a good news regarding the scheme.

So viewers keep ready and keep watching this website for latest updates on Telangana Housing Scheme. 
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