Wednesday, December 28, 2016

500 Crore for Double Bedroom Houses in Telangana

Telangana Government planning to construct 2.60 lakh double bedroom houses in State. District collectors are taking the responsibility of construction of 2bhk houses. There is no interfere of MLAs in this matter. MLAs are not going to participate in selection of beneficiaries for double bedroom. But they can inform about the areas where to be constructed. Around 1500 crores need for completion of  2 lakh Indiramma Houses. The Telanagana Government already sanctioned 336 crore. 

The government finalised the tenders for 14000 houses. 650 acres land identified in hyderabad to construct 2bhk houses by the big builders. Also government informed the companies who are going to construct houses to take social responsibility. The each house cost would be 5.40 lakh at villages. The central government agreed to pay 1.5 lakh per each house.  
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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Model Village In Every District-K Chandra Shekar Rao

Telangana CM KCR, buoyed by the successful implementation of  2BHK scheme in the two villages adopted by him in the Siddipet constituency, is now keen on selecting one village in every district and converting into a model village in the next two years.

The State government has fallen back on this idea as the 2BHK scheme could not take off on as large a scale as  the government wanted, despite the allocation of substantial funds. In many districts, the contractors not willing to the construct the houses at the price fixed by the government. 

The government wanted the houses to be constructed at a cost of Rs 5.50 lakh per unit in the districts, However, private agencies are demanding Rs 7.50 lakh per unit. The CM expressed his happiness at the timely completion of the houses in Erravelli and Narsannapet villages adopted by him. While participating in the mass house-warming ceremony there on Friday, KCR discussed with Housing Minister A Indrakran Reddy and Principal Secretary to Housing Chitra Ramachandran the possibility of executing the scheme in a similar manner in all other districts. 

KCR was keen on adopting one village in every districts and establishing model villages with all basic amenities and infrastructure like safe drinking water, sanitaion, road network, power supply and other facilities. The officials have been asked to send proposals along with the district plans, for inclusion in the state's annual budget for 2017-18. These model villages would have been internet connectivity. Each of the model villages would have also be made cashless by allocating special funds in the budget.
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Double Bedroom Houses Inauguration : Erravelli-Narsannapeta, Markoor Mandal, Siddipet

Hello Double Bedroom aspirants, As we know that K Chandra Shekar Rao adopted  two villages Erravalli and Narsannapet. The time has come to inaugurate double bedroom houses at these two villages. Today Telangana CM KCR Garu inaugurated 2bhk houses at Erravelli and Narsannapet Villages, Markoor mandal, Siddipet district.

The count of 2 bhk houses in these two villages are 490. Erravelli 340 houses and Narsannapet 150 houses. The Telangana Govt have taken a new step towards building new 2bhk houses. These two villages double bedroom inauguration is tempting many other 2 bhk aspirants over Telangana State. No need to worry about our application. Not exactly started at every district. Definitely will reach us soon. 

The Telangana Government is spending 5,70,000/- for each house. Six hundred 'Veda Pandits' are participating in inauguration. Free internet facility and 24 Hours Godavari river water available for these two villages The Government divided into zones and allocated to respective officers to complete smoothly. 
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Double Bedroom Housing Scheme to Begin by March 2017

Ambedkar Nagar Colony, Warangal

The Telangana Government has been making serious efforts to ground the double bedroom housing scheme in the districts as seen from the timeline given by Housing Minister A Kiran Reddy  to Collectors of the four districts which hitherto constituted undivided Adilabad. At a review meeting at Nirmal district head quarters on Wednesday (07.12.2016). works needed to be grounded by March next and construction completed by December.

Asking the collectors to take special interest in the project, the Minister said the Government has done away with seigniorage charges on sand and would ensure supply of cement at much reduced rate of Rs 230 per bag.

The cost of the constriction would go down by at least Rs 33,000 owing to these concessions and hence there was a need for the top officials to motivate contractors to take up the work.

Housing Department Principal Secretary Chitra Ramachandran said the government has sanctioned Rs 218 crore for construction of two bedroom houses. Giving the breakup of the number of houses per district, she said 

Adilabad - 1510
Nirmal  - 960
Mancherial - 1530
Asifabad - 750

The Minister and officials also visted the site of the houses at Yellapalli Village near Nirmal. Adilabad collector Mr Buddha Prakash M. Jyothi, Nirmal Collector Ilambarithi, Khumram bheem Asifabad Collector M Champalal and Mancherial collector R V Karnan were present.

This 2 bhk housing scheme will come on all possible areas soon. all the best. 

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Passed Awayl: A look into the life of Amma

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. It came as a big setback for her supporters.
Before she became Puratchi Thalaivi Amma (revolutionary leader),Dr J Jayalalithaa was known as Kavarchi Kanni, a title she earned for her glamorous on-screen roles. With more than 120 films to her credit, she was the most successful leading lady of her time and has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and even English movies.
Jayalalithaa was a reluctant actor by her own admission. As a teenager, she aspired to become a lawyer. But fate and her mother had different plans in store for her.
Before Jayalalithaa became a household name in Tamil Nadu through her films, she was part of dance and drama troupes. And she accidentally landed an opportunity to perform on a song in Kannada superstar Rajkumar’s film Shri Shaila Mahathme as a child artist.
A few years later, she was offered the female lead role in Epistle (1961), the only English movie in her career, which was bankrolled by former Indian President VV Giri’s son Shankar Giri. And it was officially released in 1966 to a poor response in the theatres.
At the age 15, Jayalalithaa made her Kannada debut with blockbuster movie Chinnada Gombe, which was produced and directed by B. R. Panthulu. Following the success of her first film, more work came her way, prompting her mother, Vedavalli aka Sandhya, who was also a film actor, to persuade her to take up the acting as a full-time job to help the family with its financial problems.
She was born in Mandya district of Mysuru in 1948 to a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar family and did her early schooling in Bangalore before she permanently moved to Chennai to live with her mother when she was 10.
A Tamilian born in Karnataka and working in films based out of Tamil Nadu made her a good target for right wing groups. Amid growing popularity, she was embroiled in a controversy after she refused to wear “Kannadiga” identity on her sleeve as demanded by a few Kannada activists.
The trigger was her interview to a Tamil magazine, where she said that she was born in Karnataka and fluent in Kannada but she was always a Tamilian. The comment did not go down well with Kannada activists. In 1970s, when she was shooting for Tamil remake of Kannada movie Ganga Gowri at Premier Studio in Mysuru, she came under the attack.
The members of Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha led by Vatal Nagaraj stalled the shooting as they tried to enter the studio. They wanted her to apologise for what she said. Jayalalithaa wouldn’t budge. The protesters were eventually persuaded to leave the place by Kannada filmmakers. That was her first run-in with a political party.

She soon became a popular name in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu industries. She was just not eye candy and played some substantial roles, equivalent to her male counterparts. One of her memorable roles was in Suryagandhi (1973) in which she shared screen space with R Muthuraman. She portrayed the role of a matured and a well-earning woman wedded to an egoistic man with ease and confidence in this family drama. Besides supporting the family financially, she also graciously deals with the tantrums of her husband, who feels inferior to his wife due to his low wage paying job.

The film was way ahead of its times as it rooted for empowering women at a time when men strongly believed that women belonged in the kitchen.
She showed her talent in doing comedy with Galatta Kalyanam (1968) with actor Sivaji Ganesan, another stalwart who ruled the Tamil cinema parallel to M G Ramachandran. Her other standout role with Sivaji would be Engirundho Vandhal (1970), in which she had played a feisty and empowering woman.
She played some of the best roles in her acting career, starring opposite Sivaji, in films like Savaale Samali (1971), Deiva Magan (1969), Sumathi En Sundari (1971) among others.
However, her career and stardom grew leaps and bounds when she landed her first movie with MRG in B.R.Panthalu’s Aayirathil Oruvan in 1965. And she never looked back.

It is said that MGR was reluctant to cast Jayalalithaa because he thought she looked too young to be romantically paired with him. However, he was convinced by the filmmakers to give the young talent a shot. And Aayirathil Oruvan became one of the major hits of all time in Tamil.

After its success, MGR and Jayalalithaa starred in about 28 films together and became the most successful onscreen couple of all time with the masses. Besides Aayirathil Oruvan, some of their evergreen list of films, include, Adimaippenn (1969), Neerum Neruppum (1971), En Annan (1970), Raman Thediya Seethai (1972), Nam Naadu (1969) among others.

From a reluctant co-actor, MGR became very fond of Jayalalithaa over the period of time. It is also said that he was very possessive about her. He even launched her political career.
Jayalalithaa joined the AIADMK in 1982 and the rest is history

Source: Indian Express
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