Sunday, December 3, 2017

4000 Double Bedroom Houses Sanctioned for Jagtial District under 2BHK Programme

Are you waiting for a double bedroom in Jagtial District?  Then it is very good news to you. You may be heard about this Government order to build double bedroom houses in Jagtial district.

The Government of Telangana has already issued a notification to the Jagtial Collector on 28.06.

Telangana Double Bedroom Houses in Jagtial District

double bedroom house in jagtial

Many poor people are waiting for a long time to get the benefit of the double bedroom house in Jagtial district.

The Telangna Government already passed official notification to building 2bhk houses in Jagtial District.

The government allotted 242 Cr to construct 4000 double bedroom houses in Jagtial district.

Read: 2BHK Housing Plan

We are providing official notification below

2BHK Housing Scheme in Jagtial

2bhk housing shceme in jagtial

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

1000 Double Bedroom Houses Sanctioned For Siddipet District Under 2 BHK Housing Programme

Are you waiting for Double Bedroom House in Siddipet District? Good news to you. Telangana Government order issued for the grant of double bedroom house in Siddipet District.

The Telangana Govt introduced double bedroom house scheme for the purpose of helping poor people. This is the flagship programme of the Telangana Government. 


Recently order passed by Government of Telangana Housing (RH &C.A1) Department.

Order: Memo No. 1880/RH&C.A1/2017-1 dated 24.10.2017

The government gave orders to the Siddipet District Collector to take necessary actions on building double bedroom houses in Siddipet.

So the people of Siddipet is eagerly waiting for the inauguration of the double bedroom houses.

Check 2BHK Design

Also, you can find official Government order here

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Telangana Land Records Pahanis Pass Books Free

Do you know about Maa Bhoomi Telangana land records?

Your land record is showing correct in  Maa Pahanai passbook?

Many of the people asked that how to find my land records in Telangana.

But how to search land records online and what is the Telangana land records phanis pass book website?

We are here to inform you complete details about Telanagana Land record and Pahani passbooks.

This post completely about your Pahani. Many people are there who do not know about their Pahani. Today So let's go to know complete guide about your land details online in Telangana.

Keep Ready Your Details

  • District Name
  • Mandal Name
  • Village Name
  • Khatha Name (If you have)
  • Survey Number( If you have)
  • Aadhar Number (If you registered)
  • Name as per records

How To Find Your Land Online In Telangana Mabhoomi Website

Just follow below simple steps to get Pahani Telangana Land records online.

As given in above image go through it.

Step 1: Go to the Telangana Official Mabhoomi website
Step 2: Click on Pahani
Step 3: Click on Maa Pahani (Our Pahani)
Step 4: Select your District Name, Mandal Name and Village Name from the list
Step 5: Enter the Survey number or Khatha Number or Name as per records.
Step 6: Click on Click Cheyandi

How To Find  Telangana Land Records Without Any Details

You don't have details like Survey number, Khatha number etc.

Do not worry. We can view our land records without any details.

Choose your District, Mandal and Village. Then select entire list and click on Click Cheyandi

Done. your details will appear at the below of the page.

Final Words

Note: Allow your website pop up in settings. So that your new page will open; if it is blocked your new page window will not be opened.

We hope; helped you in finding your land records and Pahani details online.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

2500 houses in Huzurabad constituency under 2 BHK housing programme

Hello All, The Telangana Govt stating that the Government would speed up the construction of double bedroom houses. The Telangana Government sanctioned 2500 houses for Huzurabad constituency in Karimnagar district under 2 BHK housing programme. The official notification issued publicly on 24th January 2017. 

Let you know 2 BHK House Design

In the notification, The Telangana Government ordered the Karimnagar collector to take a necessary action on it. 

So be ready to avail benefit of double bedroom scheme of Telangana Govt.

You can also view the official notification here
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Telangana Housing Department Sanctioned 1000 houses for each Constituency

The Telangana Government recently issued a new Government Order regarding double bedroom scheme on 22 April 2017. The commissioner reported in the GO that weaker section housing programme will get 95,000 houses (1000 houses for each assembly Constituency Except GHMC area) in the Telangana State. 

The ratio between rural and urban areas shall be 240:160, This operation will be conducted by the district collectors. 

Double bed room houses allocated in the respected GO as below

  • Double bed room houses in Mahaboob Nagar - 14000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Waranagal  -  12000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Rangareddy - 6000 Houses
  • Double bedroom houses in Medak - 9000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Adilabad  - 10000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Nizamabad - 9000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Karimnagar  - 13000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Khammam  - 10000 Houses
  • Double bed room houses in Nalgonda  - 12000 Houses
double bed room scheme

Total 95000 houses distributed as per assembly constituency area.

So get ready to take a benefit of this. Application Form Download

If you already applied? Check status

You know 2 BHK Design

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

CM KCR Phone Call To Double Bedroom Beneficiery

Double bedroom scheme is a flagship scheme in Telangana State. The response of aspirants is also high. Already many of us got the benefit of the 2bhk scheme.

The Telangana CM KCR having a telephonic conversation with 2BHK Housing Scheme beneficiary in Maddhulapalli village, Khammam.

double bedroom scheme in khammam

The CM KCR have a discussion with Mrs. Nagamani, the beneficiary who got the benefit of double bedroom house recently.

The Nagamani says heartful thanks to KCR.

Nagamani Says, Still, I am not believing that I have got the benefit of the 2bhk house.  Really I am thankful to KCR Sir. We obey to KCR Sir forever.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Double Bedroom Scheme Application Status(Updated)

Double Bedroom Scheme is a great step by the Telangana Government.  Few  poor people already taken a benefit of it where many others eagerly waiting for applying for the same. And some 2bhk scheme aspirants are keep checking or waiting for their results who already applied for this double bedroom scheme.
If you have already applied for 2bhk scheme at meeseva centre, definitely you might have got a unique number. That is your application number which help you to track your application whether it is accepted or rejected?

But not now. The Telangana Government started that online service through them meeseva centres. What you have to do is. 

You have to keep application number with you.

It may misplace somewhere so write it down somewhere else or take a snapshot of it.

Anyway, This scheme not started in all areas in Telangana State. 

How To Check Double bedroom Application Status?


Step 2: Enter your application number in the field of " Know Your Application Status"
Step 3: Type the CAPTCHA
Step 4: Submit.

You will see the status of double bedroom application on screen.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Plans afoot to give a push to 2bhk scheme

24th Jan 2017, Special Corespondent from TheHindu

Hello 2BHK aspirants, The Telangana Government has decided to to speed up implementation of the double bedroom housing scheme by launching it in all Assembly segments this year by relaxing norms in supply of sand and providing cement at Rs 235 per bag, so as to complete all the 2.6 lakh houses sanctioned so far by the year end.

The Cabinet sub committee on double bedroom housing programme comprising Ministers A Indra Krian Reddy (Housing), T Harish Rao (Irrigation), G Jagadish Reddy (Energy), and P Mahender Reddy (Transport) that met hereon Monday asked the contractors to speed up work as relaxation and other measures being taken up by the Government would bring down the construction cost by Rs 100 to 110 per sft.

On an average, the relaxations would bring down the unit cost by about Rs 50,000, Mr Indra Kiran Reddy said after the meeting. He explained That the cabinet panel had decided to recommend to the government to allow contractors to get sand from quarries from neighboring districts in case it was not available in the required quantity in the same districts without any cost.

Further, contractor would be supplied cement at Rs 235 per bag as the cement companies had agreed to supply the material at the price for the scheme. 

Besides, the subsidy provided for construction of individual sanitary latrine (ISL) could also be availed for the scheme, Mr Indra Kiran said adding that it was being planned to complete tenders for over 2.45 lakh houses by February end.

The NTPC also had agreed to transport fly ash, required for making cement bricks for double bed room houses from it's Ramagundam unit for about 100 km distance free of cost. 

The decisions taken at the meeting would be taken to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandra Shekhar Rao and after his nod fresh guidelines would be issued, the Minister noted.

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