Sunday, September 24, 2017

How To Earn Money Online With Blog and YouTube Channel

Do you want to earn money online without investment in India?


Hello Friends, Today we have come with a different post which helpful to make money with your blog and YouTube Channel.

Anybody is there who do not want money?

No. We have already gone through the website. It is really very good and helpful to you.

How To Earn $1000 Per Month 


The website is providing Blogging Tips, Google Adsense, Blogspot blog, WordPress blog, Make Money Online and much more.

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Blogging: You might be aware of blogging. So can expect. Most of the people running their blogs on blogger or WordPress and monetizing their posts and earning money from it in Lakhs.

You can learn much more than which written above to earn money in Dollars into your bank account

What You Have To Do Earn Money With

Step 1:  Go to
Step 2:  You will see a pop up to join to bloggerbew
Step 3: Enter your Email ID and click on Subscribe.
Step 4: If you do not see any page to subscribe, Right side you will see a box.

Enter your email Id any one of the above boxes and subscribe.

You will receive a mail. Open your mail and confirm

So that you will get new updates to how to get rich with a blog and YouTube channel.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Telangana Land Records Pahanis Pass Books Free

Do you know about Maa Bhoomi Telangana land records?

Your land record is showing correct in  Maa Pahanai passbook?

Many of the people asked that how to find my land records in Telangana.

But how to search land records online and what is the Telangana land records phanis pass book website?

We are here to inform you complete details about Telanagana Land record and Pahani passbooks.

This post completely about your Pahani. Many people are there who do not know about their Pahani. Today So let's go to know complete guide about your land details online in Telangana.

Keep Ready Your Details

  • District Name
  • Mandal Name
  • Village Name
  • Khatha Name (If you have)
  • Survey Number( If you have)
  • Aadhar Number (If you registered)
  • Name as per records

How To Find Your Land Online In Telangana Mabhoomi Website

Just follow below simple steps to get Pahani Telangana Land records online.

As given in above image go through it.

Step 1: Go to the Telangana Official Mabhoomi website
Step 2: Click on Pahani
Step 3: Click on Maa Pahani (Our Pahani)
Step 4: Select your District Name, Mandal Name and Village Name from the list
Step 5: Enter the Survey number or Khatha Number or Name as per records.
Step 6: Click on Click Cheyandi

How To Find  Telangana Land Records Without Any Details

You don't have details like Survey number, Khatha number etc.

Do not worry. We can view our land records without any details.

Choose your District, Mandal and Village. Then select entire list and click on Click Cheyandi

Done. your details will appear at the below of the page.

Final Words

Note: Allow your website pop up in settings. So that your new page will open; if it is blocked your new page window will not be opened.

We hope; helped you in finding your land records and Pahani details online.

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