Saturday, June 9, 2018

Eligibility for Double Bedroom Housing Scheme in Telangana

Eligibilities for the double bedroom scheme: As you know that the Telangana Government started housing scheme for poor people became popular in Telangana state. The aim of the T-Govt is to remove huts of poor and built of Pucca house.

Every Telangana resident wants to apply for 2bhk scheme. But everybody will not get the benefit of the same.  

You should know of the double bedroom eligibility criteria. If you feel you are suitable for this, you can apply

2BHK Housing Scheme Eligibilities - Who Can Apply for Double Bedroom Scheme  

  • The applicant family (Who is applying for Telangana double bedroom scheme) should be BPL (Below Poverty Line) that means poor. 
  • The people do not have the house or who are living in HUTS can apply.
  • The people who are staying in a Rented house due to NO own house.
  • The applicants have a valid Food Security Card
  • The applicants should a resident of Telangana only.
  • No one in the family should have already sanctioned a house anywhere in the district in Urban or Rural. 
  • Only one 2BHK per family

Those are the eligibility criteria for application to double bedroom housing scheme in Telangana. For all update on Telangana Housing Scheme, drop your mail id and activate it by going to your inbox for our mail.

Hope you understood what is the eligibility criteria for Telangana Double bedroom scheme. 

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