Thursday, January 17, 2019

Complete Details About 2BHK Housing Scheme in Telangana

Today we are here to inform about all the information regarding 2BHK / Double bedroom scheme. As you know that Telangana double bedroom scheme is one of the best schemes amongst all the Telangana Government schemes.

Why Telangana Housing Scheme Arrives?

The Telangana double bedroom scheme started in October 2015. The objective of the housing scheme is to provide dignity to the poor by providing 100% free housing. This is not like the scheme of previous scheme namely indiramma illu pathakam. The beneficiary of this scheme is avail the benefit directly without an agent. The amount will be credited directly to the beneficiary's bank account.   

Nothing is to be borne by the beneficiary. It is a totally free scheme.

Reservation under Double bedroom Scheme in Telangana

In Rural places: 

Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe 50%
Minorities: 7%
Balance: 43% 

In Urban Places:

Scheduled Caste: 17%
Scheduled Tribe 6%
Minorities: 12%
Balance: 65%

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Process for Selection of Beneficiaries.

  • As per the Government Order; the District level officers committee select the villages.
  • The district collector schedules the time for 2BHK applications from the eligible villagers.
  • The applications will be collected by the Grama Sabha designated officer. 
  • The primary data collected at Grama Sabha officer and will send the data to the Tahasildar office to verification purpose.
  • After the verification getting done; the Tahasildar will send the finalized data to the District Collector office.
  • As per the schedule of the District collector; The Tahasildar again send details to Grama Sabha for final approval.
  • The list which is finalized by the Grama Sabha; will be approved by the Collector. Finally, the data will be available to the public. If any issues, complains the district level officer will enquire; After enquiry; the result which decided by the district level nominated committee is the FINAL one.
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