Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Telangana Housing Scheme Official Websites

Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme is a part of Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited? and are same?

Which is correct website to apply 2BHK - Double bedroom scheme in Telangana?

Many questions in mind.

Today, We are going to clarify all your doubts in this article. Before going to reveal it, we need to know few things.

What is Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited


TSHCL aims to bring dignity to each and every Below Poverty Line (BPL) family by assisting them, both financially as well as technically, for construction of Permanent (Pucca) Houses.

The financial assistance provided as per the various schemes of State Government as well as Central Government.

History of TSHCL

In 1977, a severe cyclonic storm hit two coastal districts. Then several people became shelter less because of the cyclone. 

The the Government decided to formulate Housing Corporation in 1979 to build permanent / pucca houses to poor people. It came in to the picture in 1979 itself.

TSHCL Journey

Data from

As per the official report from the TSHCL which shown above, constructed 42,40,753 houses from the Year 1979 to 2014.

No data available as of now (Today 08th April 2020) from 2014 onward on this website.

If you have already applied in this period or already granted permanent house part of Telangana Housing Scheme, you can check every detail from this master data of official website.

Telangana Housing Scheme From Year 2014

2014 is Memorable Year for Telangana people. Why because 2nd June 2014 is a Telangana formation day.

After forming the Government by the TRS Party, the Government announced the flagship scheme. That is Double Bedroom Housing Scheme.

The Telangana Government is decided upgraded the previous Telangana housing Scheme to 2BHK housing Scheme.

KCR Double Bedroom Housing Scheme in Telangana

2BHK housing scheme is completely for poor people who can not build their own permanent pucca house. The main objective of the Telangana housing scheme is providing 100 percent subsidized house.

KCR Government started Official website for 2BHK Housing Scheme.

The data should be available from 2014 to now on new website.

(Note: Nowadays it is not working, might be under maintenance.)

The Telangana Government bears the total cost of the 2BHK house.

You can check articles below about Telangana Housing.

We hope, the new official website will start again soon and update all the details.

Anyway, we are here to help you in updating the latest news about double bedroom scheme. Keep checking this website regularly.

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