Monday, August 16, 2021

Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Huzurabad: 20,929 Families will get 10 Lakhs in their Bank account

Dalitha Bandhu Huzurabad: Today is the big day for all Dalith people in Telangana especially for Huzurabad constituency Dalith Poor People.

CM KCR is going to start the Telangana Dalitha Bandhu scheme from Huzurabad Today. Everything is already set.

The beneficiary families already been selected.

Total 20,929 families will get the benefit of Dalitha Bandhu Scheme in Telangana from Huzurabad constituency.


List below:

Dalitha Bandhu Huzurabad - 5323 Families
Dalitha Bandhu Jammikunta - 4996 Families
Dalitha Bandhu Veenavanka - 3678 Families
Dalitha Bandhu Illanthakunta - 2586 Families
Dalitha Bandhu Kamalapur - 4346 Families

Total 20,929 families will be shortlisted for this scheme from Huzurabad Constituency.

We have to see how many families from the listed above will really get benefitted.

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